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  1. For anyone that was following this previously I picked the save back up and have played through to 2040. To get myself back into the save tho I started making some transfers to help make us somewhat competitive and have managed to win a few europa leagues and have reached a champions league final this season with a squad made up of nearly all youth products and 2/3 signings to round the team off. National team wise I got upto the top 50 and am so close to making a serious breakthrough and becoming a nation that can qualify for tournaments consistently if I could only convince 2 players to play for us over Italy. They are players in positions that im desperate for help in aswell so would instantly make us much better
  2. Just read through this. Been a very good read so far hopefully you can take san marino to greatness
  3. I may be back at some point but I had started to lose motivation for the save and updating in here felt like a chore. Ive started a new save for now but ill likely return to my La Fiorita save at some point
  4. I think I'm gonna stop updating in here as I have stopped enjoying posting updates.
  5. Youth Intake 2028 Very meh. Need some really good intakes the next couple years to push on
  6. I cant believe it We have made it to the European Championships!!!!!!! Yes we got a bit lucky with the draw not getting a super team but both Greece and Serbia are around the top 35 and have some very good players, Hungary certainly aren't pushovers and Israel were not a bad team arguably one of the harder pot 4 teams there was available which lead to a very competitive group. To be honest I didn't think we would be able to qualify as I presumed Serbia would beat us in the second fixture but we held out and scored late after a little bit of luck throughout the game. For the friendlies I rotated quite heavily to give different players a chance and make sure our key players were fit for the qualifiers and I'm sure had our full 11 been out in all 3 we would have done better in them but they don't really matter. For the tournament ill do a full starting line-up review before the 1st game and in terms of my expectations for it I'd highly presume we will go out in the group stage but you never know.
  7. Season Review 2026/2027 League Table Squad Awards Transfers Finances Fixtures 1 Fixtures 2 Fixtures 3 We managed to complete yet another domestic clean sweep but we lost a game this year and the rest of the league is starting to make some progress and making us have to work a lot harder in games. We have been getting a lot more 1/2-0 wins when we would previously win 4/5-0 which is a good thing as the league improving is going to help San Marino improve as a country and will help my team in Europe as we will be playing better quality teams more often now the majority of the league have turned professional. In Europe we were our standard selves managing to make the champions league group stage before losing every game again but progress is being made albeit very slowly and the money being brought in does really help. Player of the season: -Celli was amazing at the backing leading our team to only concede 8 goals in the league during the regular season and was a big part of why we won so many games. Last season I added the Italian league structure to make it easier to loan and sell players that were no longer needed as well as help other teams in my league be able to sign a higher quality of player. This has also meant more players eligible for San Marino are available as San Marino Calcio have now got players although they are currently in Serie D so hopefully they get promoted.
  8. Youth Intake 2027 This guy looks like he has the makings of a very good lb with mentals that are incredible for a 15 year old and his technicals are already almost at a good level. Physically he is quite good although id like a little more pace his strength is very good for someone of his height. He will now allow me to switch formation to a 442 which I have wanted to do recently.
  9. San Marino 2026 Table Fixtures My first year in charge of the national team was pretty successful with 5 wins, a draw and 3 losses. Picking up 10 points in our Nations league group was a good tally especially getting 4 point from Lithuania who topped the group, if we could have won one of the games against Moldova we would have topped the group but they were too much for us. I realised after the first Moldova game the tactics I use at club level weren't cutting it internationally so I've gone to a 442 ad its worked better I think. I managed to convince Ghiotti to play for San Marino over Italy after a few attempts but am struggling to get Gennarro to come play for us and he would be key for us as a RB even though he has never played there for me at club level. Hopefully if we rise a little in the ranking and with some more pestering he will choose u
  10. Season review 2025/2026 League Table Squad Awards Finances Transfers Fixtures 1 Fixtures 2 Fixtures 3 Congratulations Cosmos for taking points from us this season meaning whilst we have gone unbeaten we couldn't quite get the 100% record I'm desperately seeking. Europe wise we made the champions league group stage once more where we lost every game once again but there was an improvement from our first appearance and should help improve our coefficient as well as our finances. Ghiotti was magnificent this year and I wish he would accept my calls to play for San Marino as the sheer number of goals and assists he gets are invaluable. Santi might just be the best player at the club attribute wise with fantastic physicals to add to his good mentals and technical. 2 problems though, firstly he plays RM where I have another very good player so I'm having to play Santi as a LM and he isn't learning the position as quick as I would have hoped and secondly he is making noises about joining a bigger club and I cant seem to convince him to stay here which I have 2 years to do.
  11. Youth Intake 2026 On face value this looks like a very good intake and one I was happy about when I saw it as even after getting Celli last year we were still crying out for another cb to complete the last bit of the puzzle in defence so to see Canini I was over the moon but upon looking at him he is too short for where I wanted him to play. As the central cb 5"10 isn't tall enough and with both my outside cbs being very good already it gives me a bit of a dilemma. What he does have however is some really nice attributes with marking, decisions and positioning all 11 or above and are what I look for at the back add to that a good first touch, technique and not awful passing or composure he could make an excellent ball playing cb or even a dm but I have kind of moved away from using a cdm this season. The gk in the intake is also 5"10 so is a no go unless he grows which I'm hopefully they both will which will be a big bit of help.
  12. Season Review 2024/2025 League Table Squad Awards Finances Transfers Fixtures 1 Fixtures 2 Fixtures 3 A very good season on the whole after making more progress in Europe than ever before managing to get to the Europa league knockout stages before meeting Roma who were just too good for us to match. Domestically another clean sweep although we did lose a game to Folgore which is disappointing but doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Our finances still look very good and with TV money from the league aswell as league prize money rising every year I'm hopeful that other clubs have good finances to help them progress aswell. The key players this year were Santi who dominated the midfield for us and is looking like a real good player, Maggioni who is fantastic down the RW and has stepped up a level since he got some competition for his place this year and Cimino who has bounced back it seems after I thought he was going to drop off performance wise he showed why he is the leading scorer of the club once again.
  13. Youth Intake 2025 A superb intake with 3 players with good potential one of whom in Celli who is much needed as we are short of good CBs and CBs in general really. The striker Lonfernini will be signed as he has decent attributes for the league and will be a good backup player domestically. He is already one of our better cbs and looks like he can grow into a fantastic LCB. His only real weakness is his height but in a 3atb its not as big of a problem especially as his is playing next to a very tall CB
  14. Season Review 2023/2024 League Table Squad Awards Finances Transfers Fixtures 1 Fixtures 2 Fixtures 3 Stadium Plans Dominant. The only way to describe us this season domestically. I have got to give praise to Fiorentino for being the only team to take any points from us this season in a game we were 2-0 up within 5 mins and then got complacent. In Europe it was a fantastic run getting to the Champions League group stage and all the money that's came with it and as expected we got destroyed, the less said the better. The champions league money has made our finances look amazing and some of that money has gone into a new stadium and facility upgrades. We also made money selling a player to Folgore this year who are the 2nd professional side in the country and I'm hoping they can push on now and win a couple games in Europe so they will be my preferred club to let players go on loan or permanently. Ill be tempted further down the line to possibly bank roll Folgore if they don't progress on their own but that is a long way down the line yet. This season we had a new star player taking over from Cimino in Ghiotti who is just too good and managed to break goal and assist season records this year. In a way I'm sad that Cimino has been overtook as the leading striker and this season while his goal tally was high and actually his 2nd best season to date, they don't tell the whole story as he scored in patches this season at one point went something around 15 hours without a goal at which point he scored a hat trick.
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