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  1. So im already through half of my first season and im doing way better than expected. Also had some players that have good personalities which is proving useful for mentoring. This is something i didnt have the luxury of in my katwijk save
  2. Ok so ive restarted with Lok Leipzig. ready to get back into this challenge properly
  3. So think I’ve decided on the team I’ll be managing in Germany. Called Loz Leipzig will post the pics needed tomorrow
  4. Ok so after returning to my save with Katwijk i feel like ive lost the love i had for it. So im going to restart but this time in Germany i think, just holidaying through the first season now
  5. After taking a couple days off from my save I’m really missing it. Haven’t connected with a save as much as this one on a long time
  6. Season 1 End-Season Update League Table Finances Squad This ended up being a very successful season. I set out aiming to make the European places this year and went slightly better than that by reaching the top 4 and getting entry into the champions league. We were however a long way back from challenging for the title and i expect we will be quite far away for a few more seasons till i can develop a few youth intakes to improve the first 11. We also won the Spanish Cup this year and im very happy to get my hands on some early silverware which hopefully will help buy some time with t
  7. Always nice to pick up a trophy in the first season. Was very unexpected but we had an easy run to the final and managed a tight 1-0 win over atletico madrid.
  8. Youth Intake Day So in this save this is probably the biggest day of each season as this is where the i'll get the majority of new players brought into the club. From the off it looks like a pretty decent intake that is somewhat top heavy with regards to talent. The top 3 prospects all come with good personalities which is very pleasing as this will mean they should develop quicker. We can also see that the attributes ive highlighted in the image tend to be relatively decent across the board for players that are mostly 16. These attributes are one i value highly as i think they
  9. Looks like you are having an excellent start with Norwich. I did a save with them recently but didn’t have much success
  10. Season 1 Mid-Season Update League Table Fixtures Squad We started rather poorly in truth dropping points to teams i felt we should be beating rather comfortably. This led me to make some tweaks to the tactics i was running as some things i noticed just weren't working too great. This has left me with a formation looking like this. Ive ditched the inverted wingbacks in favour of more traditions roles along with shifting my Mezzala up to the CAM position to get an extra body further forward. This has worked wonderfully with us scoring at a much better rate thus
  11. After creating my base tactic i set about completely revamping the staff at the club. The aim was to get in not only staff with amazing attribute but also the best personalities where possible to hopefully get good personalities in the intakes.
  12. The aim is for the wingbacks to still provide width by using the overlap team instruction. This way when the ball is on the right the right wingback will get wide whilst the left wingback tucks in. Its definitely a concern i share tho so i may have to tweak some things as i get through games and may end up reverting to regular wingbacks if needed. Yh ive had a little look at that thread but need to give it a proper look and read at some point. Plan is to probably stay away from signings but i may get swayed although ill most likely avoid signing the young spaniards that can be conver
  13. So the first thing i wanted to do with this save was set out a distinct style of play for which i can develop the entire club around. Ive decided to take a leaf out of Klopps book and aim to play a high intensity pressing oriented game. The aim is to win the ball back as quickly as possible and as high up the pitch as possible allowing us to counter the opposition and get some easy goals. This is the first draft of the formation and instructions. Now it is obviously very much a work in progress as im yet to even advance a day in game but it seems to look like it should follow the ba
  14. Katwijk 2029/2030 Season League Table Youth Intake Transfers Squad Finances Another season of survival is all that matters here all though we were much improved on last season The intake was decent but nothing special. Katwijk 2030/2031 Season League Table Youth Intake Transfers Squad Finances A slight regression from last season but we may have uncovered an absolute star upfront. Meet our star player Stelios. I think he is already class and i believe he could become a world class striker one day, hopefully for us The intake was dec
  15. Athletic Bilbao are a club with a lot of history being one of the founding members of the Spanish top tier and having the 4th most (8) La Liga titles in its history. It is a very unique club due to its transfer policy of only signing Basque players and it is these facts that have made me want to undertake a save with the side for multiple iterations of football manager. Ive been recently attempting the Youth Academy challenge over in the challenge section in Holland but feel like i need a bit of a break from that and to try something new. Ive also been reading through quite a few threads
  16. Gonna do another double season update either tonight or tomorrow. Think i might take a short break from my save to play a few seasons with Athletic Bilbao. Might make a thread if anyone is interested
  17. Katwijk 2028/2029 Season League Table Youth Intake Transfers Squad Finances We survived and thats all that matters. We gave a very good account of ourselves in pretty much every game which was very pleasing as i was expecting to be outclassed more often than we did. Hoping for the same again for a few years to help me build up the rest of the club. The finances are looking better with the prize money from the league giving us a big boost. This is allowing us to make improvements to the training and youth facilities as well as expanding the stadium. Conteh YP26D - Mostgoals,
  18. Just completed my first season on the Eredivisie and am very happy with it. Will hopefully get the update done tonight
  19. I would imagine so as you wouldn’t be making any signings as he is at the club when you start. @XaW might have a better idea
  20. @XaW thanks for the explanation. The way I want to run the formation is quite similar with an AP out wide due to the personnel I have in the squad. Will have a tinker with tryna get something similar to work tonight
  21. Yh I might give it a little look. Gonna spend the next preseason tryna get a 2nd tactic that works up and running and think a 433 is what I wanna start off just always struggle with it tho
  22. Katwijk 2027/2028 Season League Table Youth Intake Transfers Squad Finances A season beyond my wildest dreams. I thought maybe we could sneak a playoff spot but never did i expect to get automatic promotion. Next season is going to be tough but im hoping we can survive by any means and hopefully the money in the top tier is good cos we are losing money every month at the minute and i need to turn that around. Linssen YP24A - Absolute star. His goals were the catalyst behind our promotion and i am going to need him to be on top form to stay up next year Youth Intake
  23. Im in shock. we were good last season but after losing my best player i never expected to be this good this season
  24. @Cookie147 unlucky in the playoffs, hopefully next season you can get the promotion and it should help financially somewhat
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