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  1. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated Any idea what caused the qualification colour coding to disappear? With it being xml file I figured it was a non-editor issue? UEFA Revival 37.fmf
  2. Also this seems to have caused a bug regarding the Intertoto Cup teams qualifying for the UEFA Cup: - Intertoto Cup Third Place Playoff winner is now listed as the competition winner - The Third Place Playoff loser is listed as the third placed team - The Intertoto Cup Final runner-up is correct - The actual Intertoto Cup winner doesn't qualify for the UEFA Cup at all I checked the editor and everything seems to be set as it should be so not sure what is causing this to happen.
  3. Yeah a lot of it is trial and error. I think that's how I managed to progress with this file to be honest lol. @krlenjushka Is there any way to get the green highlights back for the qualification places? Also for future reference how did you get the runner-up issue working?
  4. Nice! It's all working now. The highlighted qualification spots disappeared though, not sure why. Anyway the fact that it's running as it should is what counts. Thanks so much for your help
  5. Saved the XML as a .fmf file and got an application error crash when starting a new save. Add space for team appears to be the issue. I got the same problem earlier when using that.
  6. @krlenjushka EDIT: Got this file 99% done. The only issue I'm having is that the quarter final will only grab one runner-up from the hidden stage. One of the runners-up is being replaced by Real Madrid or Man Utd. UEFA Revival 37.fmf
  7. My game is crashing when I try to run an in-game test now lol. Classic form on my part. UEFA Revival 37.fmf
  8. In Stage 1 you have the "extra league games" box ticked under league settings along with "don't rank teams using this stage" in other stage flags. Would these be the games that are calculated from stage 0 in my case?
  9. So I wouldn't use the league fate "qualify team for competition (using positions)", because they're not qualifying for another competition. Have I got that right? Sorry, man. I've never done this before lol it's totally new to me.
  10. In your file I noticed they're promoted to another competition (league 4 to league 3). Do I need to use the promotion method too in order to get them to the quarter final? This is throwing me off a bit.
  11. I had a look at it earlier but I was a bit confused as to what some of the stuff meant. For example stage 1 is for 4th placed teams but won't they only play against each other due to it being a playoff stage?
  12. @krlenjushka Here's a more up to date version with the correct seeding for the competitions. Real Madrid keep appearing in the quarter final even though they're in the UEFA Cup, so it's only recognizing 7 qualified teams instead of 8, and the runners-up aren't accurate. UEFA Revival 37.fmf
  13. Bleh lol still having problems with it. Here's the file mate if you're still willing to take a look UEFA Revival 37.fmf
  14. I managed to fix that issue by changing the value to 0. It must be a case of the top team being ignored as they have already qualified, and so 0 equates to 2nd place in this instance - 2nd being the highest team not to qualify. The other issue I'm having is that it seems to be picking 2nd placed teams at random instead of it being based on who has the highest points and then goal difference. I can't see an option to set points total as the priority. EDIT: Just found the store results (used when calculating sub-tables) tick box.
  15. I just ran a test and it's grabbing 3rd placed teams instead of 2nd place, even though I set the position number as 1. Have I done that wrong?
  16. @krlenjushka Would these numbers be accurate for the sub table? League Stage Index = 2 (Group Stage is the third round in the competition so I have it listed as Stage 2-2) Position = 1 (2nd placed teams) Maximum Teams to Take Into Account = 6 (6 groups) Minimum Group Size = 4 Maximum Group Size = 4
  17. I'm creating a 24-team group stage (6 groups) where the top team qualifies for the quarter final, but I also need the best two runner-up sides to qualify by points and then goal difference (if needed). Is this possible?
  18. Not sure if you're still working on this but I used this as a base for my Transfer-365 file for Romania and I've had to make some basic changes in order for it to verify. - Reduce Liga II stage 0 from 20 to 19 teams Daco-Getica Bucuresti are the team missing from the league (they're in the U19 National Championship Group 3 for some reason but not sure who to replace them with, if anyone)
  19. I'm doing well thanks mate. Hope all is well with you Still in a bit of a stalemate with the Club World Cup which I'm hoping to get fixed in a couple of weeks when I've got my computer up and running again. The tournament now schedules but it's grabbing the wrong teams. Nightmare to deal with lol.
  20. I think that might be a case of the order of competitions needing to be changed in the editor. The Inter-Nations trophy may be higher-placed than the Copa Nacional in the Teams > Seedings page.
  21. No problem. I would say the best way to go about it to stay error-free would be to recreate the nations from scratch in my file, but again without much experience in the editor it could be a bit of a daunting task. It may be possible but I'll have to see what I can do as I have a few files planned for the next update already. Are you wanting this to replace the Club World Cup or the Champions League competitions?
  22. If you're wanting to use custom nations you'd likely have to merge the files in order to make sure the nations you're using can be inserted into the UEFA nation rankings. They'd also have to be within the top 54 in order to gain a place, unless you were to reconfigure the seedings to accommodate more.
  23. Last I checked as of the 1.4 update, the stadium issue had been sorted but I'll run some more tests to see if it's still messing up I don't think a 2 week break between legs would be possible due to clashes with domestic cups and international breaks but I'll have a look and see what I can do.
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