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  1. I've noticed the same thing but I think it's a bug. There isn't anything set in the editor to my knowledge that would label the round as a final.
  2. It was easier to put the competition together just going on league position as there were only a handful of cup winners and runners-up that qualify at the time. It would have led to inconsistencies given that the top 6 teams in each nation more often than not win the cup or finish runner-up. This may be a problem with the ranking level info for the competition (the ranking section near the bottom of the list). Where necessary I just bulked up the numbers of the first round until the error went away.
  3. Thanks. If you want to divide the games between Tuesday and Wednesday, click on the round you want to change and then click on the 'Dates' tab. Tick the 'Offset Dates' option and add 2 rows with the first offset as '0' and the second offset as '1'. Leave the stadium option as 'Home' and then simply choose the number of matches you want on each day. You'll need to do this for matches 1 and 2 if the round has 2 legs, which in almost all of my files it will. To edit the dates in a group stage, go to 'League Schedule' and click on the 'General' tab. You'll need to set up individual group
  4. It's likely due to competition dates that these problems are showing up. I'd also guess that if certain teams are being grabbed for a competition they will need to be changed as in FM19 they will have had different league finishes. There were quite a few moving parts when putting the files together in FM21 and it was quite problematic getting the whole thing to work.
  5. I'm adding alternates for files 51 and 52, as well as 2 default base files (excluding the Intertoto Cup) for people to create their own competitions. Yeah I'll try and get that done over the weekend for you.
  6. If you imported it straight into the FM19 editor and saved it, you might possibly be able to just use it straight away in FM19 without having to make any changes in that case. Put the XML file in your FM19 editor data folder and see if you can start a save with it
  7. I'm making an alternate for files #51 and #52. These will have the away goal rule removed. Did you make any changes to the file in the editor before trying this? If you make some changes in the editor and then save+export the file as XML, the line containing "verf" should be there. The process needs to be done whenever you make changes in the editor.
  8. It should be possible to import both files into the FM20 or FM19 editor as the files are in XML format. From there you'd just need to force verification. If you're not sure how to do that: Do you have Notepad++? If not, you need to download that (it's free). Save the file and export it from the editor. Open the XML file in Notepad++ and search for the line of code containing 'verf' (in my files this should be line 565). Highlight from this line all the way up to line 2 and delete it all. Make sure there is no space between line 1 and line 566 (which is going to be your new line 2), and
  9. For the competition name to change you will just need to save your game, quit out to the main menu and then load your save back up and it should work fine. Regarding the graphics not showing up, I left the configs out by design so that you could add the logos to your existing graphics folder should you have one. If you already have an existing graphics folder you will just need to change the logo IDs in your existing config and rename the wrong logos in your graphics > logos folder as something else (put backup on the end or something). I will include a basic one in the next update tho
  10. Hmmm very strange. Am I right in thinking that it's messing up for 2 seasons and then going back to normal with no Super League teams included? I'd imagine if they were in any more seasons they'd have made at least one final in the following 5 seasons. If that is the case then I think the error has to be something to do with the World Cup schedule, maybe a certain nation's season is not finishing in time for the competition season renewal date or something. Anyway should this be the case then I think it may be worth me trying to put together a World Cup file specifically to use with
  11. I mean you should be able to combine with other stuff as long as it's not alternate UEFA competitions obviously. Your test save messed up in 2022/23 but ran OK for the first 2 seasons? I'm wondering if the World Cup in Qatar had anything to do with it...
  12. Are you combining any other files with it by any chance? I ran a test on it with every nation activated and took charge of a team to see if that made a difference and I managed to have it work OK. Do you have any idea which team is missing? The nations that won the Champions League and Europa League should have 5 teams in the Champions League in the following season. It looks like from the pic you posted that those nations may not have gotten a 5th team and have left 2 vacant spaces.
  13. There are 58 UEFA files available to choose from (only pick 1 of these when starting a new save). If you want the old 2 group stage style from 1999-2003 with the UEFA Cup then you'd be looking at any of the following: File #25 - UEFA Cup is a straight knockout competition and the Champions League winner doesn't qualify automatically for next season File #33 - Alternate to file #25 but features a straight knockout format for the Intertoto Cup instead of a group stage (3 teams also qualify for the UEFA Cup instead of 1) File #47 - Champions League winner qualifies automatically and the na
  14. A playoff for that space would actually be an interesting concept in real life I think if it took place over the summer or something. I think it might be worth throwing in one of my future files lol. If you want the vacant space filled, try adding an extra instruction just after the "get qualified teams for comp" rule. That should work as a backup rule for whenever the Champions League winner also wins their domestic division. @Rob 396 I think I've got that Super League error sorted by the way, I'm just running a few tests on it so if all goes well I'll put an update out tomorrow
  15. It's definitely something that needs to be added. A simple ruling of who gets the spot depending on if they already qualified via their domestic league could make all the difference. As it is now I think it actually works differently for certain competitions. For example if it's the Champions League then the place tends to go to the winner's domestic league if they already qualified. In the Cup Winners' Cup though I've noticed it actually goes to the runner-up, then the next highest league place in that league failing that. Very complicated process to work with lol.
  16. Were you able to set it that way or is it just happening that way on its own? Could be something worth looking into.
  17. That's a possibility but normally the space goes to another team rather than leaving a vacant spot. I think it may be because I had to set some specific instructions for German teams to prevent Wolfsburg competing in multiple competitions.
  18. I did the same thing after Barcelona were in multiple comps. I'll run some more tests on it and see who is missing 2nd season
  19. Hi Rob, I wasn't aware that the awards weren't showing up but I'll have a look into that. Cheers for the heads up I'll be working on trying to get the XML files verified in the mean time. Is that one team competing in all of those?
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