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  1. After having a brief look into it, I was able to find was a forum thread from 2007-2017 (in Spanish) discussing the need for there to be a UEFA-style coefficients system in place. CONMEBOL put out the following tweet in November 2015: "We are going to have a Ranking of Clubs. And the seeds of # Libertadores2016 will be defined according to this ranking" I'm not entirely sure but I think according to Wikipedia that ranking is based on how well clubs perform in the competition. I don't know if that results in a nation getting an increase or decrease in the distribution of pla
  2. Just a guess here but based on that screenshot they might be locked as it doesn't look like there is any kind of points system in place like teams in Europe have. Couldn't agree with you more on SI hopefully fixing the fluidity of qualification places though. It's long overdue.
  3. I forgot to mention that file 33 covers the 1999-2003 format (team allocation differs to file 47 i.e. England have 4 teams instead of 3). To anybody wondering by the way I noticed an error in the file guide for file 33 which states it has the new Super Cup format featuring 4 teams. This is not the case and I'll correct that for my next update.
  4. No problem bud. Here are the realistic versions where the UEFA Champions League winner will automatically qualify for the competition in the following season: File 43: 2004-2009 format File 38: 1991-1993 format File 50: 2021-2024 format with 1 group stage in the UEFA Champions League (also includes the UEFA Intertoto Cup) File 40: 2021-2024 format with 2 group stages in the UEFA Champions League (also includes the UEFA Intertoto Cup) File 46: 1995-1996 format File 37: 1997-1999 format File 47: 1999-2000 format (England will get 3 teams in the UEFA Champions League) File 3
  5. Hi Jorgen. Don't worry, I'm happy to answer any questions you have. 1. I'm not sure this will be compatible with Timo's work due to the fact that continental competitions are updated in that project. You can always run a test on it but I think it would cause clashes. It runs fine with the regular SI updates though. 2. For files 41 and 42 I would use file A. I'm currently working on a file C for these 2 files which will separate the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Cup history (i.e. UEFA Cup history will run up to 2008-09 and Europa League history will run from 2009-10). This may likely
  6. Hi Nick. Thanks for the feedback I just had a look at the initial TV money and it is set at 5 million, while TV money for match is set at 500k. That must be where it's came from. Bit of an oversight on my part.
  7. I made a current version that is close to what you're after (which also includes the UEFA Cup, Cup Winners Cup & Intertoto Cup), but with the exception being that the Europa League winners don't qualify for the Champions League - only the Champions League winner does. The game was bugging out and giving 6 Champions League places to a single nation with the Europa League winner included. - 3rd placed teams in the Champions League group stage drop into the Europa League knockout stages - 4th placed teams in the Champions League group stage drop into the UEFA Cup knockout stages - In
  8. It takes a really long time to load because of all the changes. You've just gotta stick with it and eventually it'll load up. I had the same problem when I first tried using it
  9. As far as I remember I got things working correctly in FM 2018, and then they messed up again in 2019 and 2020 lol. That was when trying to qualify Europa League winners for the Champions League, so I've had to leave that stipulation out of my project again this year.
  10. I'm pretty sure you'd need to recreate the competition to apply that stuff.
  11. The winner and the runner-up of the following 10 competitions will qualify from the year 2021: - UEFA Champions League - UEFA Europa League or UEFA Cup (depends on file A or B) - AFC Champions League - AFC Cup - Copa Libertadores - Copa Sudamericana - CONCACAF Champions League - CAF Champions League - CAF Confederations Cup - OFC Champions League The Club World Cup file is not compatible with the CONCACAF/CONMEBOL merger though.
  12. What are you trying to do with the alternate? I'll see if I can help you along with it. Thanks a lot. Here's hoping FM21 can be pushed through on schedule. Enjoy the save bud. Everything should run fine but if any errors pop up just let me know.
  13. Version 1.5 is now available for download. This will likely be my last big update until FM21 but I'll still be working away on bits and pieces that I wasn't able to include in this update, such as the Club World Cup, and any other unexpected errors that show up. Stay safe everyone. Hope you all enjoy the new content
  14. @irish kopite Had to go with 2 teams per nation. By the time I got to the group stage when trying 1 per nation, there were only 6 teams left after the qualifying rounds lol. It's all working now though The UEFA Champions League winner and UEFA Europa League winner will automatically qualify for the following season. The most a single nation can have in the competition is 3 (England will start the 2019-20 season with 3 due to Liverpool and Chelsea winning the competitions last season).
  15. Just had a look at how many teams it would require and the competition would need 81 in order for it to function properly without me having to completely remap everything. I could make it where the top 2 teams qualify instead if that works for you? With there being 54 nations in use I'd have to double up on a few to make up the numbers. EDIT: In fact I might actually be able to make it work since the Champions League winner would automatically qualify. The nation of the UCL winner would have 2 teams and that would make up the numbers I think. I'll keep you posted.
  16. I'm not sure if that would be possible given how the qualifying rounds are set up, but I'll look into it. I was looking for 1 more to top the project off at 50 files lol
  17. Yeah while I think this will be my last update for FM20, with the exception of any unexpected errors that need to be fixed, I'll be bringing this back for FM21.
  18. No worries, I'll look into it EDIT: That worked a treat. Thanks a lot.
  19. Solved the third place issue mate. It turned out the ranking levels had defaulted for the rounds. Just need to figure out if it's possible to get the green highlights back for qualification places
  20. Pretty much everything in the post that you quoted. I'm hoping to get the update out by the weekend.
  21. I have the format created already, and having looked at the distribution of teams it seems all you would need to do is adjust the nation rankings in the editor so England drop a couple of places and get less teams
  22. Alternates of existing files, but with the UEFA Champions League winner automatically qualifying for the competition in the next season to defend their crown. There are also some tweaks of existing competition formats, such as the 1997-1999 file (24-team group stage instead of 32), and the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup added to the 2021-2024 format in separate files. In terms of 'new' content, I'll be adding a real retro file into the mix (1973-74), with replays for the UEFA Champions League/Cup Winners' Cup finals, and 2-legged finals for the UEFA Cup.
  23. Just a heads up to those waiting for the 1.5 update, I haven't forgotten about you. I'm still planning on releasing this within the next week or so (hopefully). It just depends on how quickly I can get through everything and test it. I've began work on adding a bunch of new files and correcting any errors in existing ones. The UEFA file count is looking like it'll be close to maxing out at 50. I'll also be looking to try and get the Club World Cup working with the CC merger, but I won't let that delay anything any further
  24. Tried tinkering with the file to fix the Intertoto Cup and I have no idea what is causing the problem. I have the same settings for the Intertoto Cup in file 35 and it works absolutely fine, but in files 36 and 37 it's bugging out. I've made a thread on the bugs forum but considering it works in one file but not another I'm completely out of ideas. I tried removing all of the round fates and it was still doing it. Here are the files in case you wanna take a look. UEFA Revival 35.fmf UEFA Revival 36.fmf UEFA Revival 37.fmf
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