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  1. I don't currently have any plans to abolish the group stage, as it's central to a number of conditions. However with the Cup Winners' Cup now added along side the UEFA Cup/Europa League, each competition now feels unique, and there is at least one straight knockout tournament in the file(s). Thanks for the reply mate.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, gents. @Luke Cro How would I check if it's enabled? I couldn't see anything specific in the editor. You did remind me though that I needed to add the display box for the seedings to the top 2 competitions, so I'll post an update for that later. Also I've been ultra tempted to add the Cup Winners' Cup, but initially decided against it for a couple of reasons, the main one being a concern of fixture congestion. The other reason was because of the Champions League and Europa/UEFA Cup being in there it felt kind of needless. I will give it a try and see how it tu
  3. Hi all! This is a file that I've been plugging away at, on and off, dating back to Football Manager 2013. It originally started out as a throwback to the 1999-2003 format of the UEFA Champions League which contained 2 group stages, and has since progressed into a full structure where I've managed to find room to bring back the UEFA Intertoto Cup. Additionally there are now 6 separate files so you can choose whether you'd like to use the UEFA Europa League or revert back to the UEFA Cup, along with the Cup Winners' Cup. Plenty of choice for all. Additionally, the AFC Champions League
  4. I'm running cups but the only options I can find are "Automatically Add History" under the Competitions tab, and "Store Stats" / "Store stage with Name With History" under the General Stage Flags drop down. Is it one of those you're referring to? EDIT: Found "Store League History" under Stage Finished Actions in the Competitions tab. I'm assuming that's the one you mean?
  5. Does anybody know what settings are needed to make sure a competition updates its history every year? I've got teams winning competitions but the last winners are listed as 2015-2016.
  6. Go to Skins/Vitrex 2.0/Panels/Match, open Match Post Match Panel, and swap the following: <!--Competition tables--> <container class="subsection_box" alignment="centre" size="11" font="text" colour="bbc" appearance="boxes/subsection/standard/blank"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" layout_children="true" /> <translation id="title" value="Competition Standings" /> <widget class="competition_stage_panel" id="leag" file="competition/competition overview stage">
  7. If you have the match set to full screen you will have to hover at the top for the bar to drop down. I wondered the same thing at first as I was trying to get the new scoreboard to show up but pretty sure it's still there, just hidden.
  8. Yea, I'm doing that myself. Club Background: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/Graphics/Pictures/Citypics Club City: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/Skins/Vitrex17 2.0/Graphics/Pictures/Vitrex City Pics For your backgrounds you might need to download the city pics if you haven't already. If you want to change the city to a stadium obviously just name the stadium whatever the background was for the city.
  9. Is there any way I could add the little info hover button for player attributes beside their name following a scout report? It can become a little time-consuming if you're scouting multiple players at once having to navigate into their profile and then back out again. @wkdsoul I also applied that code for the live league table but got a parsing error message after the match finished. Do I need to replace lines of code or add the code in? I tried replacing the following lines: <!--Competition tables--> <container class="subsection_box" alignment="centre" size="11"
  10. I'm trying to bring Alan Shearer out of retirement to make him a manager, but even when selecting the editor file he's not showing up. Edit: Sorted it. His Nation wasn't set manually, even though the DB added a greyed out Nation. Just added it a 2nd time and fixed it.
  11. Nice! Which xml do I need to put this in? I'm still getting to grips with skinning editing lol. I'm digging that scoreboard and match font under the stadium by the way. Nice layout.
  12. I get this as well. Not sure how to change it to the live league table if it's possible.
  13. I already tried changing the pitch images in the graphics > boxes > match folder but it didn't work, so I'm guessing they're for somewhere else. The problem I'm having is finding the ones that correspond with the 3 images I attached.
  14. I couldn't get the grass to change via the xml though. I had to edit the graphic in Photoshop. I did manage to sort out the player profile though so thanks for your help there.
  15. Making my own edits to this to get everything in line and it's coming along quite nicely. I'm trying to resize a few things but can't find the right images or config files though, can anyone help with these? - During matches, Overview > Formations, the grass is out of line. Not sure which grass image to change, or offset in config file - In the post-match summary screen, I want to decrease the length of the team stats panels on the left, so that I can increase the length of the team formation panels to be in line with the Match Stats panel. They're way too condensed (I'd also like
  16. Awesome. Thanks a lot man. EDIT: Will have to edit in Photoshop I think, for anyone else having this problem. Editing the numbers didn't reduce the height of the grass but rather the background panel.
  17. I'm playing in windowed mode (screen resolution is 1920x1080 in general), but not sure which line of the code it is that changes the size of the grass to go in line with the pitch. That fixed the location map problem by the way, cheers.
  18. Oh my...it's happening! @DimitriFromParis Any idea on how to fix these 2 issues? I can't reduce the height of the grass in Last Starting 11, and the club location map doesn't show up even if I switch to 1920x1080 for some reason.
  19. Decided to start using this until the low res version is released. Couple of problems though: - How can I reduce the height of the grass on the club overview under Last Starting 11? The grass picture is too long and runs past the bottom of the pitch - The club's location doesn't show up in the bottom right corner of the club overview screen
  20. That should be possible yea. Kingrobbo explained that if you set the competition to a specific nation, add nation rules (lower leagues to existing nation), then convert to advanced editor rules the competition will show up with everything available to see.
  21. Does anyone know what I'd need to do to fix this? It's showing up as a problem during testing of the rules.
  22. Ok so the only problem I have left outside of verifying the file is that the first round of the Europa League is now calling the Intertoto winners from the previous year instead of the same year. For the first two seasons it calls the same Intertoto teams from the first season i.e. West Ham and Sevilla etc. @KUBI or anybody that is more comfortable with the editor than I am, is there any way you can help me out with this? I've attached the file below. Thanks. FM17 - UEFA Competitions Revamp - 2 Group Stages_188768C9-AB6D-4778-805F-351B3E4C4812.fmf
  23. During testing/verifying of the competitions I'm getting the message "UEFA Champions League (2017) and UEFA Europa League (2016) have different years set". Where is the option to change this? My "Year" and "Base year for dates" for all competitions are set at 2013. Also for anyone that can help, I have seemingly fixed all of my original issues, but a new one has cropped up in that Europa plays for the first season only, while the Intertoto plays for the first two seasons only. No idea why as the Champions League runs every year, and they all have the same yearly interval settings. An
  24. Apologies for posting this here, but I've not had too much luck with my own thread over the last couple of weeks. I've gotten my UEFA file close to fully functional, but I have 2 specific problems that I just can't seem to fix in the editor: - First season, Europa League first qualifying round picks up only some winners from the Intertoto, not all of them (it should be getting the 8 winning teams from round 3). It also grabs 1 or 2 losing teams for some reason - Every season following, Europa League first qualifying round picks up no Intertoto winners and instead just grabs multiple tea
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