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  1. Hi guys, the data for Crystal Palace is very good. I just wanted to suggest a few changes that could be made in some areas though. Goalkeepers- Guaita's one on ones at 13 seems a tad low in comparison with Hennessey having 16. I would say increasing Guaita's one on ones to 14 and also dropping Hennessey's one on ones to 14 would be fairer as Hennessey I wouldn't say is any better one on one than Guaita who's pulled off some cracking one on one saves this season. Other than that I'd say the keepers are spot on. Defenders- Scott Dann's passing at 14 seems too high to me, it puts him on a level with Sakho who's passing can be impressive at times, and also 4 higher than James Tomkins with 10 passing, which doesn't seem right as his passing is generally reliable and composed. I'd suggest dropping Dann's passing from 14 to 11 or 12, and also increase Tomkins passing to 11 or 12 as his passing is pretty good and on a par with Dann. Martin Kelly's passing at 12 seems quite high in comparison and would possibly be more suited to Tomkins passing of 10, as he's far more prone to dodgy passing mistakes. Would an increase for Tomkins be possible predominantly in his marking and concentration? He's been our best defender for some time now, increasing his concentration to 13/14 would be more accurate as he's far less prone to lapses in concentration than Sakho, who also has 11 concentration. His marking increasing by 1 to 15 would make sense too. Ward could possibly do with a drop in his crossing ability aswell? I wouldn't say he's able to deliver crosses as well as Van Aanholt who has 14 crossing too. Possibly worth dropping down to 10/11 in truth, I haven't seen him cross successfully for a while. Van Aanholt's mental stats seem slightly harsh too, he's not a fantastic defender by any means but anticipation and positioning being rated as 8 is slightly too low for me. He often intercepts balls played out wide and proceeds to sprint forward catching teams off guard on the counter. His anticipation and positioning could do with being increased to 10, to highlight the fact he is far from an elite defender at premier league level but he has improved a lot defensively under Hodgson and huge defensive errors/lapses in concentration aren't as common anymore. If you need to compensate for them increases you could possibly justify dropping his tackling to 11, as he's not fantastic in the tackle. Other than that I'd say the defence are pretty much bang on. Midfielders- Kouyate and McArthur could do with an increase in their determination attributes to be in line with Milivojevic at 16. They are all incredibly tenacious, work hard for the team and get stuck in all game running themselves into the ground. McArthur at 10 and Kouyate at 12 is definitely too low for players that never say die, even when we're losing or trying to hang onto a result. Kouyate and McArthur's finishing seems quite generous too and could possibly do with a drop to 9/10. McArthur's flair at 2 is definitely too low aswell, he's got a bit of flair in his locker at times! I would say at least 10 in line with Kouyate. McArthur could also do with his passing going from 10 to at least 11/12, he's no worse with his passing than Kouyate or Milivojevic with 12 passing. Max Meyer's first touch is definitely too high at 18, he often receives the ball and his touch results in the opposition being able to dispossess him, I would say 14/15 would be plenty generous. Andros Townsend's dribbling is probably too high at 16 too, reduction to 14/15 would be better, as he doesn't often beat a man anymore, not near the levels he used to be capable of at least. Other than the above I've mentioned the ratings are great. Keep up the good work and I hope that this helps a little.
  2. Might only be me but I would love for the ability to be able to search for former players, would it be possible to be able to type in a club name and all players that have ever played for the club that are on the game come up on the transfer search, much like favoured personnel or favourite clubs?
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