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  1. Great topic, with your choices very well explained. The trick is to keep it simple, which is easy and hard at the same time. Looking forward to your following post.
  2. I like this. Good luck with the game and this story.
  3. Isn't the pre-season a perfect way to test your tactics against different formations and different level of teams? Sure, a good moral at the start of the season is important, but the knowledge that the tactic is working against the teams of your level also is.
  4. Again a very good read. The personality of Brooks changed from Fairly ambitious to balanced. At first this looks a bad (...) thing, but I can't imagine his Ambition attribute dropt. Is this change in personality a result of his other hidden attributes which rose, or through tutoring?
  5. I only cheated CM/FM with Football Ltd : That was such a cool game.
  6. It will be SC Heerenveen (my favorite) or Stade Rennes (to break the supremacy of PSG, with their great Youth system).
  7. CM Italia was my first and I never missed a game since then.. My free time and the way I play the game have changed so much during all that years... Like 20 years ago I played the game with a mate, which was so much fun. It's hard to believe I still enjoy the game so much, but I do.
  8. A part of this Dynamic thing is allready in the game, it's just more visible now with some important extra's. SI is already walking and is starting to run right now.
  9. Which factors influence if a new signing is fast familiair (or slow) with the new team tactic?
  10. Great new feature. Managers who tend to hussle the squad at the beginning and sell/buy loads of players, should be warned. It adds realism and makes you tink twice to sell that overpayed second striker if he's high in the pyramid. Of course bug issues are possible, but that's just wait and see.
  11. Is it also a team shape issue? Because you mention 'Highly structured' in the subject. Or can I assume the same happens with Flexibel, Fluid etc?
  12. Nice start of this thread. I'm playing with Lazio too (only if I got some time though..). My setup is a bit different as I want Savic-Parolo-Biglia to play at the same time. I tend to switch between a 2-3-2-2-1 and a 3-3-2-2 : 2-3-2-2-1, very fluid/standard: DC's: De Vrij and Radu/Hoedt WB's: Lulic and Basta DMC: Biglia MC's: Parolo and Savic Wings: Baldé and Felipe Anderson (great as an Advanced Playmaker on support, AMR) ST: Immobile (striker on support to create link up play with the CM's en Anderson) When playing with 2 strikers, Bal
  13. Great threat. Didn't expect Hernandez to be so sensational in his period at Wednesday tbh.
  14. Did you ever wonder why no. 21 is pressing blue no. 13 and why no. 28 is behind no. 10? Your wide midfielders not narrowing the space isn't the only (or the) issue. In my opinion a players role influences the behaviour of the other players and their roles.
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