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  1. I am playing in a Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact (8,1"). In my opinion is perfectly playable. The game runs perfect and this is the size thats allows you to bring the game with you everywhere. I recommend it so much. Perhaps it depends of the portability you are looking for. If you only want it to play at the sofa buy better a 10" tablet. But if you want to carry on it with you maybe you will prefer a 8"... Sorry for my english!
  2. No problem Smurf! thank you for the help. Just thought that this was the correct thread. I agree that a new thread about FM16 on "2 in 1" or "hybrids" will be useful. Anyway, if anybody with Surface pro read this thread please tell us about the experience.
  3. I have not a Surface, so I can't download the demo. I am just thinking about buying it OK but Surface is a pc, is not a Tablet. I think this is the correct thread to ask it. Thanks.
  4. Hi Hunt3r! Sorry, maybe my last post was excessive. I have been buying SI GAMES products for a lot of years and I know this is not your target (to make us buy ingame features), but some people can think that with injuries issue. (Maybe the suggestion of "buy magic sponge" each time that a player is injured helps) I agree, is normal in every team to have some players injured, but in some moments of the season teams have all players in good condition. Maybe only for one or two weeks. We see it in real football. I only say that this dont happen to me in FMC this year. I have 2 saves, one managing Milan and other with Hamburg, and I have ALWAYS a lot of players injured. I think I have tried with all possibilities in training, I rotate players in matchs to have all of them in good match fitness. Now for example I have 5 players injured in first team and 10 more in the reserve team. I have been playing FM since 90's and never had this problem. As well I have to say that this dont happen to me with my saves in full version of PC. Maybe is only bad luck in this 2 saves in FMC Tablet version. I have just check the list of injured players for this weekend in spanish league, and only 4 or 5 teams have more than 3 players injured. Some like Atlético, Barcelona, Valencia , Malaga... dont have any injured player now. I only say that I agree with you that in the most part of season this a normal and real situation, but not always. Maybe this issue must be revised in next versions. It is only my opinion. Thank you for reply our doubts!! (and sorry again for my english )
  5. I manage Milan and ALWAYS have at least 4/5 injured. Please do something with it. It is no normal. Worst thing of the game. It seems you want to see us paying for magic sponges...
  6. Hi! First of all sorry for my english. (I am from Spain) I have been playing FMC in my new Sony Xperia Tablet Z3 for one week and i am delighted. It is a dream to play FM everywhere. Ok, it is not the full experience of PC version but the essence is here. Despite everything there are a few things that i would change in next updates or 2016 versión: - Most important in my opinión... a bigger DATABASE. It would be great if we can choose the size of database (maybe a selector). Not necessary a db of 90.000 players (like i play in PC) but at least 50.000 or 5 countries. 3 is not enought in my opinion. I am sure that my Tablet can support one or two more countries!! - Possibility of add logos and pics of players. Specially logos!! - The last thing I really miss from PC Version is to see the bio and atributtes of each player during the match. Very important too! All the rest is great. As i said before I love this game, I love to play everywhere FM. Congratulations for all SIGAMES team from Spain!
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