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  1. Thanks Fabio. Do you know if there is a fix for Tablet version too? I only see the PC fix patch.
  2. Hello. Is the hidden attribute bug of the FM 2020 also in FMT 2020? Need to know to start a sabe or wait the fix patch. Thanks!
  3. I am playing with the same tablet (Huawei M3 8") since yesterday witch any problem.
  4. Last year I bought it on PC, Android and Switch ... And FM Mobile
  5. @Luke Rumble Genius!! It was because of the Touch skin. I use now the retro normal and now I can choose the database size. Also is solved my problem with the Manager Experiencie. Thanks!!!
  6. It may be that! I use a 23" touch screen at home and always choose the Touchscreen version because of this. I am now at work, in a few hours I will change it and tell you what happens. Can be this issue the answer to my other problem with the manager exprience??? Thanks Luke
  7. Here is the screenshot. My dxdiag is uploaded to the cloud. Thanks
  8. Advance Setup screen. I select all the leagues that I want to play and when I try to select the start date and database size the game only allow me to choose the start date, database selector is missing. I have clear cache but nothing change.
  9. Thanks for your work @KennedyBakircioglu Any FMT skin is very welcome!!! I can't help because I don't know much about skinning but I will keep one eye in your skin. Thanks
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