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  1. You don't know how much these messages are appreciated in which the internal functioning of the game is explained. Thanks for that. The thing is that in a version that doesn't change nothing (FMT 21 Legacy Edition) the atributtes will always work the same way. It would not be easier to do an annual update on the parameters of this invariable edition?? Only change the numbers. Or better... give to us a tool for update this numbers manually. I think it would be something to think about seriously.
  2. Hi Neil. Touch controls like FMT21 tablet version or Touch control like others cloud games in Game pass with a virtual controller? Thanks.
  3. Money spent last year on video games: - 45€ FM21 & FMT21 PC - 22€ FMT21 Tablet Android - Game pass subscription Money i will spend this year: - Game pass Subscription (let me try FM22 and FM XBOX Edition 2022) VERY sad because of FMT but good news for my wallet. I want to think that it is an exclusive issue with Nintendo and Microsoft and we will see Touch again in 2 or 3 years... Maybe the best way out of this problem is, as they have said above, a "Legacy Edition" or something similar. It would be the smartest thing and a good detail of SIGAMES with all of us. Some of us are consumers since the last century...
  4. Hi Neil. Yes, I know we can change settings to make assitants manage the press conferences, but we all know it's not the same experience Streaming with Gamepass is a solution, but only at home and it depends of the control method. If we have to pair a controller with the tablet it will be so much complicated. Do not doubt that I will give it a try but it will be not easy. Last year I proved XBOX Edition on my Series S and I was very positively surprised. This is true, but always as something inferior to FMT. Please discuss the possibility of at least giving us an editor for FMT 21. Thanks for the answer.
  5. SIGAMES should try to somehow satisfy the players we love FMT. I think that a way to alleviate this pain that many of us feel now would be to release an editor that allows us to update FMT year after year, or to give the possibility of use files from the FM editor. I think FMT is dying because of the decision not to give an editor like FM normal version. There are many players who would have gone to FMT with this decision. I am very sad thinking that every year in these days I am excited with the release of the new version and this year I am devastated thinking about FM's press conferences, a thousand tips every day from the assistants ...
  6. I have bought it a couple of years. It is not a bad version, but it is the most limited. The limit of 3 nations is the big problem in my opinion...
  7. Only 3 nations to choose... No graphics (kits, logos, stadiums, faces...) Worst version of FMT is the only alive
  8. Very very sad news. Have you thought about giving us an editor to keep FMT updated? It would be a great gift for those of us who today have this great disappointment.
  9. Hi! can someone of SIGAMES provide the base skin of this version? I would like to change the background in my tablet... Thanks!
  10. The only way to view attributes during a match on tablet is in the individual tactics screen. Is very disappointing that SIGAMES have not found a solution to this problem in 2021 . XBOX Edition allows to view the player profile during a match.
  11. Hi. One thing that I don't understand is why, when I search for players, I only get results for the search of players from a few countries. For example. Team: Hamburg. If I search players with a filter like: Position: WBL playing in France, the game only show me 2 o 3 players as the result of the search. Why the game doesn't show to me all the WBL playing in France although I can't see the attributes beacause of the scouting? Is related from the knowledge of my Scouting chief?? If I want to see the WBL playing in Germany I have to search them manually team to team nad it is frustrating Thanks.
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