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  1. I am playing with the same tablet (Huawei M3 8") since yesterday witch any problem.
  2. @Luke Rumble Genius!! It was because of the Touch skin. I use now the retro normal and now I can choose the database size. Also is solved my problem with the Manager Experiencie. Thanks!!!
  3. It may be that! I use a 23" touch screen at home and always choose the Touchscreen version because of this. I am now at work, in a few hours I will change it and tell you what happens. Can be this issue the answer to my other problem with the manager exprience??? Thanks Luke
  4. Here is the screenshot. My dxdiag is uploaded to the cloud. Thanks
  5. Advance Setup screen. I select all the leagues that I want to play and when I try to select the start date and database size the game only allow me to choose the start date, database selector is missing. I have clear cache but nothing change.
  6. Thanks for your work @KennedyBakircioglu Any FMT skin is very welcome!!! I can't help because I don't know much about skinning but I will keep one eye in your skin. Thanks
  7. Don't know if this is a bug, but in public beta I can't choose between small, normal or big database.
  8. 100% agree with you Mozza. Anyway, if you use the public beta you will find it fixed. Is the only way to play with the Atributte masking until they release 19.2
  9. WOW! This is what I expect to find but my FMT don't show me this option. I will clear cache and see what happens. Tonight I tell you something Thanks again!
  10. Hi Luke. I have started a new save in the public beta but still can´t see the Manager experiencie option like the last years. I don't know if this is the correct forum to post it or if is better to post it in the Beta public bugs forum.
  11. Thanks for the info Luke. I will play more this night. If I found something that could help I will post it here. THANKS!
  12. Thanks! I really enjoyed a lot this version. Only played about 1 hour what I was very happy to see some issues fixed. Thanks for your work!! Two questions: Do you update this version each day? Can I play with a save started in the public beta in the normal FMT version when the next big patch will be released? Thanks Luke
  13. Hi! I played yesterday the public beta version. The time I spend whit it was great because some of the bugs I posted in the Bugs forum are solved. The only issue I had yesterday was in the Scouting screen. Everytime I click on "Manager" to take the scuting responsability the UI freeze and all the right side of the screen (the one with the reports of scouted players) disappear . Sometimes when this happen I can change to others screens (Squad, Training, Club..) , but others the game crash and I have to CTRL+ALT + DELETE to exit the game. Thanks!
  14. @HUNT3R The same issue here. It has been reported in other posts. The "Atributte Masking" DLC is broken. You can send a scout 3599 times but you will never see all his atributtes. We have to wait for a patch...
  15. OK Lucas. I don't know much about this kind of things. I supuse that if the game can save the history of all the players, it could save too the Transfer History.
  16. In tablet version you can't see previous seasons transfers. In PC version yo can see it, but not in the tablet. I don't know why SIGAMES do this. It seems to be easy to add this feature but they never do it.
  17. In my opinion, today (19/11/2018) YES. I love this game but this year there are too many bugs. Beta release day was 1 month ago and today there are some important bugs that do the experience worst than other years. I hope SIGAMES release a new patch this week or soon because this is going on for too long.
  18. Totally agree with this post, especially in the case of goalkeepers. GK are clearly underrated in all versions of FM (FM, FMT and FMM)
  19. I understand what are you saying Lucas, but I am very dissapointed this year with FMT. It seems like SIGAMES don't care about this game and only focus on FM. I know the players are still training, but we can't see their performance...
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