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  1. Hi. One thing that I don't understand is why, when I search for players, I only get results for the search of players from a few countries. For example. Team: Hamburg. If I search players with a filter like: Position: WBL playing in France, the game only show me 2 o 3 players as the result of the search. Why the game doesn't show to me all the WBL playing in France although I can't see the attributes beacause of the scouting? Is related from the knowledge of my Scouting chief?? If I want to see the WBL playing in Germany I have to search them manually team to team nad it is fr
  2. Thanks to all for the answers. I play a lot in Germany (especially Hamburg) and I think this did not happen other years.. Wasn't there a reserve team league?
  3. Hi! Why reserves teams in Germany don't play any match in all the season? Only friendlys. Is this a bug? Someone else have this issue? Thanks
  4. Hi Shaun. There is a way to let FMT use FM graphics if you have both installed, so you don't have to copy all in FMT folder. With a line of text in the Launch parameters of the game in Steam you can share the same graphics folder for FM and FMT. Search it in google. If you don't find it I can help you later when I arrive home (I am in the office now)
  5. I understand that in these times the release may be delayed, What strikes me the most is that there is no beta. When you play a beta you already know that there can be bugs, I do not understand the reason why you do not release the beta like every year. it's like pointing to FMT as your last product in priorities by far. Wouldn't it be better move FMT beta's release one week after de FM normal beta and the final release date one week too? This way only seems that FMT21 is very late in its development
  6. OK Neil, it's a shame. Everything is understandable and more in these times, but perhaps this time communication has failed you. It would have hurt us less if it had been warned in advance. Thanks for answering
  7. Hi Keyzer, Why is a good move? What is the problem to give us the beta on PC? I play Touch in PC and Android and I can't find the positive side of this. Every year I know that I will play earlier on PC than on Android, and I have no problem with that. A good move would have been to release android version earlier, not delay the PC one. IMO
  8. Neil, the decision not to release beta is final? no option to change it?
  9. Very disappointed. For things like that you SIGAMES is not taking care of a good product such as FMTouch. Is clearly the third game for SIGAMES.
  10. i had the same problem last week. finally I had to cancel the reservation with them because they did not understand that if they gave me the key that day I would not be able to play early access.
  11. I am a big supporter of FMT. I love this version of the game. But I also feel like is a little abandoned.
  12. Happy to read that you will talk about it with dev team! It would be great if you (SIGAMES team) allow us to play FMT in France with the reserves leagues available at the same time of choosing National 2 league. Thanks for your work Alien!
  13. @AlienIR Hi Alien! Can you help us to clarify this? Is there any posibility to change it and make the reserves leagues always visible in France? Thanks!
  14. Not exactly. The fictional reserves leagues DON'T have the reserves teams of the clubs that have their reserve in National 2. So OL, OM, Sant Étienne and other won´t have competition for their second team. It means that you have to choose to have some reserves teams with competition or the others, but you never Will have all the reserves teams with a second team playing in France.
  15. I don't if this situation is correct or is an error. Maybe someone from SIGAMES can clarify it. I think is very strange thing that if you choose National 2 you loose all the reserves leagues of France
  16. I think so, but having the game a system to create this reserves leagues is senseless and very disappointing ... Thanks for your help rafa, and good luck in China
  17. I think it would have more sense if the reserves leagues were always there , and then you select if play or not with National 2. But with this system I have to choose if I want that Bourdeaux or PSG reserve team plays a league or Monaco , Lyon, OM reserves do it. But I cant have all reserves teams of France playing in the game
  18. @rafaelbenitez @AlienIR Thanks both! The thing is that if I check, in the "Start a new game" screen the National 2 division, Bordeaux Reserves don't have any competition and the screen when I click the world and select France don`t show me the Reserves leagues because don't exist for the game: But if I dont click and charge the National 2 division in the world I click France and of course there is not any league of National 2 division but there are 3 groups for reserves teams, and Boudeaux reserves play a competion of reserves teams:
  19. Thanks! But I have been testing a lot of presets for new saves (over 20 combinations playing with the number of nations, divisions, date for the beginning of the save..) always with the same team (Bordeaux) and I have solved this. IS JUST THE OPPOSITE!!! If I select National 2 my reserve team doesn´t play any competition. This must be a bug or something. Can anyone confirm this in Android or PC?? I have done this test only Android ( I am not at home now for test it in PC)
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