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  1. 19.1.4 and the same bugs: Training doesn't Works and Attribute masking is still broken…
  2. Hi! Do you know if FMM18 was in sale at some point of the last season? Las year I bought it in the release date, but this one I want to wait until the game is on sale. Thanks.
  3. After read you, I have try reinstalling the game, clearing the cache... but nothing works. Why training Works for some people and not for others? There are more people without this problems?? Thanks
  4. I have had some bugs others years, but I don't care because wasn't important. As i said to Lucas I am on fussy with this things… but this year..
  5. Really???? I can't use it in any of my saves… And I am not the only one. Please check the links of my posts. I can't use it
  6. Training is OK in your saves?? YOu can play without training Lashley?
  7. Hi Lucas. You can see my posts in the bugs forum. Seriusly Lucas. I am not very demanding with this kind of things, but this year is the worst FMT launch in my opinion. I trust SIGAMES team. I hope they fix it son. Is the first time that I have to stop playing a FM.
  8. Totally agree. Unplayable. I hope SIGAMES fix it. I am a FM/CM player since 1996 and this year I am very dissapointed with FMT. Very very very poor product. I thought that I Will never say that, but next year I Will think a lot if buy it or not.
  9. In my opinion FMT19 is today (10/11/2018) unplayable. Training is totally broken (my players never trains) and the Attribute masking DLC brokes the scouting module. In my opinion the worst launch of a FMT. I hope they fix it son...
  10. Totally agree!! I hope SIGAMES fix it soon, otherwise i will need to get used to other way of playing. Thanks!
  11. HI Carambau!! thanks for respond Didn't you find very unrealistic to know, if you play with a Vanarama club (for example), all the attributes of the players of the third spanish division? What is the purpose then of ths Scouting in the game?? Thanks again!
  12. I am asking myself: how do you play FmTouch?? Do you play with it with the Attribute masking DLC/Unlockable activated?? or do you play seeing all the attributtes of all the players of the game visible?? I can't play without attribute masking. I found it so much real. This year is broken (I hope SIGAMES fix it soon) and no one has say nothing about it in the forums, so I assume that all of you play without it and I am very surprised about it. And a question for SIGAMES staff: Why Attribute masking is a DLC/Unlockable in FMT and a free option in FM?? I hope you consider make it part of
  13. OUUUUCH Crowfunding to buy you an Android tablet now! (Thanks Lucas!)
  14. Any chance to see a version of your skin for Android version???
  15. I play it on a Huawei Mediapad 3 8" and i love it. In my opinion is the perfect size beacause of the portability.
  16. I think that option has never existed on android. Maybe I am wrong... but I have never seen it.
  17. Thanks for the answer Michael. I thought that the skin's forum was the right place for a skin question. I think no one knows nothing about this matter Thank you anyway
  18. is possible to create a skin for FMT android version? I would like to change the background at last. Anyone can help me to do it? THANKS!
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