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  1. If this is the headline features, it's VERY DISSAPOINTING. Sorry to say this
  2. Club colours when you enter the deadline day screen is the best feature ever! Loool, why even mention this "feature" in the video? There is too much talking but very minor features in the video. What a shame
  3. Are you serious? Is that it? * Data Hub, which no one (95%) won't use. * Wide defenders, a very minor feature. * Updated match engine, which is a "feature" that everyone is expecting every year. Shouldn't even be a headline feature imo. I have played football manager (championship manager) for over 20 years, and skipped last years version for first time, and i think i will do it again this year! What a shame. Everyone who love the features - just enjoy the game!
  4. Noooooo, please tell me that I can remove brexit in my save!?! I think i got hard brexit, and now want to restart !!! Please help
  5. No matter which tactic or player roles I use, and no matter how I train my players - my strikers can't score goals - even on clear cut chances !! My defenders, midfielders and wingers score goals, but NOT my strikers !! And I have world class strikers on my team! I have tried 442, 424, 4321, 352, with different styles and different player roles, but nothing helps!! My strikers get lot of scoring chances, but don't score (not enough) !! Is this a bug ???? Some examples * Aubameyang, 39 matches and scored 5 goals - had about 100 shots on goal and lot of clear cut chances, but only scored 5 !! (some of goals on penalties). * Higuain, 35 matches and scored 6 goals - had about 100 shots on goal and lot of clear cut chances, but only scored 6 goals !! (some of the goals on penalties). * Suarez, 32 matches and scores 7 goals - had about 100 shots on goal and lot of clear cut chances, but only scored 7 goals !! (some of the goals on penalties).
  6. Thats not correct - it's useless for the upcomming match - my question was related to the upcomming match
  7. Every FM games is sooo poorly explained, that almost nobody knows how to use the features. Mentoring is one of them..
  8. PLEASE ANSWER THIS !!! If you want to impact an upcomming match, do you only have to use Match Preparation sessions like "Defensive Shape" and "Attacking Movement" - or does Defending sessions like "Ground Defence" and "Aerial Defence" and Technical sessions like "Chance Creation" and "Chance Conversition" also have an impact on the upcomming match ??? As I see it, it's only Match Preparation Session that have an impact on upcomming matches !! If thats correct, it means the other part of training is almost useless!! What do you think ?
  9. Some of the features from the previous FM versions is no longer there !! You can no longer see how much your contract/wage offer have an impact on your wage budget on the contract-offer screen !! And if you want your assistent manager to pick your squad team, you can no longer ask him to auto-set the best players roles in the tactic screen - why just why ?? This is a downgrade from previous FM versions - so what is the purpose with adding new features and remove some others in the game ??
  10. I have downloaded FM 19 from steam and it's only 3gb - but I can see from other pc requirement sites that it's actually 7gb ? Do i miss something ????? You can see here, the game needs 7 gb disk space: https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/football-manager-2019/18071
  11. I agree. I also use Gengenpressing with tici taca with my Arsenal team - and i win almost every game 5-0, and the opponent have 0 shoot on target
  12. Anyone from SI who can clarify this (my questions) ???
  13. Ok, so that means "match preview" session doesn't have an impact on the upcomming match, because i can't see the effect it's listed on the training page! So whats the purpose with that session? And what about my first question - if my players is training "chance creation" session 5 times the hole week - how will it impact the upcomming match ???
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