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[Suggestion] Player season games planner


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There should be a season games planner that can be set from the player profile and can be added to the squad views screen.

Game planner is similar to a reminder: you can add a target for a season by adding the number of games and average minutes (only for reference purposes), this would be useful if you wish to give a player game time in a season but forget to later play them.

For example you can add a 2024-2025 season target of 8 games with an average of 30 minutes per game to a player, meaning a total of 240 minutes.

Then you can add either remaining games or remaining minutes to a squad view screen. For this example it shows 8 remaining games and 240 remaining minutes. If in that season the player plays 3 games and 80 minutes, the remaining games change to 5 and minutes to 160, and keeps decreasing until it reaches 0 in that season.

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