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more youth teams and more variations to the sport


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please remove the limit of 3 young teams

add more options for young teams, such as under-15, under-13, women's team (not young, but you get the idea)



one more thing

I don't know what it's like in other countries

but here in Brazil, football schools are very common

they are affiliated to a club, where players can transfer from a football school to a team freely

It is even possible to do this on FM


the number of football schools is really large

It's not difficult to find a team with 100 or more of them

Furthermore, they generally have players under 15 years old

generally they (even though they are called a football school) play futsal or 7-a-side football, they have national competitions and everything

I would really like to add something like this but the game's limitations don't allow it

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Real under 16 year old players are not allowed in the game, with the only exception being when a 16 year old player is added but starts out as a 15 year old due to game start date. Having too many youth teams also greatly increases the database and loading times. Adding under 15 teams or such should be fine in my personal opinion as long they are player added and only made from newgens.

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1 hora atrás, Enzu225 disse:

Jogadores reais com menos de 16 anos não são permitidos no jogo, com a única exceção quando um jogador de 16 anos é adicionado, mas começa com 15 anos devido à data de início do jogo. Ter muitas equipes juvenis também aumenta muito o banco de dados e o tempo de carregamento. Adicionar menos de 15 times ou algo semelhante deve ser adequado, na minha opinião pessoal, desde que sejam adicionados por jogadores e feitos apenas de newgens.

my idea was to be with new gens, for legal reasons and such, because they would probably have editor dates with real players, I really wish there were more base categories

but the main point for me would be the football schools

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