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The FM24 Nationality Project

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The idea of this challenge is simple: Who has the best player from an obscure nation? There are a couple of rules to set:

1. The player must not have the same nationality as the league, secondary nationality is fine though.

2. No use of the in-game editor

3. "obscure" nations are ones ranked below 100 in the FIFA rankings

4. For anyone looking to do this challenge in its on save, it is recommended to set your manager to be from a nation which meets the requirement for an obscure nation.


That's it for now.

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Posted (edited)

These are players who have showed excellence at the game and led their nation forward.



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I got a player with American Samoa as a 2nd nation in Germany. Probably the most obscure I've got. Will post more if I get them.



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11 hours ago, leyrtj said:

Do they need to come from our youth academy or is it okay if we bought them. I had a really good Angolan midfielder in one of my save. 

I've changed my mind, if there a regen its fine, if not then no

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