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[FM24] Atletico FMCU - Youth Only Challenge - Get Involved!


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The Save

This save is a youth only challenge with a created club which I have placed in the Portuguese league this year. With each intake I will make the players available to be renamed! We have done this in the past and everyone joined in so feel free to join in this year!

The Club


Essentially we have taken over from VIZ on the Portuguese Premier League and their current players and their facilities.


The Squad


I have the editor on simply to check the facilities numbers and the checks I like to do with PA vs PPA!

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Youth Intake Preview


We really need strikers as we only have 2 at the club in the first team with wingers filling in when they can. But at this stage anything to fill out the squad for now with good potential is a start!

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Youth Intake 2024

We could really do with strikers but unfortunately it doesn't looks like we will be getting them from the intake!


Here are the players we signed this intake. Obviously nothing massive that jumps out here outside of maybe the top 2! But we need numbers so signed 7 in total. 


This our big prospect from the initial intake. I think I will retrain as a striker as we are so short there and he hasnt decent finishing. Really hoping he can be a very solid player for us in the future. 


Another potential prospect here or at the very least a solid backup keeper. @Jimbokav1971 it has been too long! I need a name for this keeper so I can set him up as our penalty and free kick taker!


Whilst nothing special there are a lot of 8 and 9's in attributes which we can transfer to double figures! Will be in the youth squads for now.


Really solid mentals here. I think he is closer to first team than Maia. 


I dont think he will threaten the first team any time soon but again lets see how he develops and he can potentially become a squad player.


Similar to Almeida. Some way of first team ready but potential to become a squad player. 


We are full back heavy this intake! Again not first team ready but I do like his attributes over the 2 right backs

All above players are available to be renamed if anyone wants to! Feel free to join in and make it fun!



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Season 2023-24




A really good first season for us. With a run near the end of 13 games without defeat! We have a very small squad so do need to start breeding the youngsters into the first team to help them develop as quick as possible!

League Table


A 4th spot finish means we will enter the Europa League in the qualification rounds! Fantastic!

League Cup


A backup team performed poorly here and we went out at the first hurdle!

PT Cup


A great run here but Benfica are simply too good for us at this stage and beat us in both legs of the semi final!




Backup keeper was sold and then a bunch of loans to aid development. Also helps bring some money in for the club as well

Player Of The Season - Nuno Moreira


A fantastic season for Moreira who scored 7 goals and got 14 assists mainly off the left wing!

Young Player Of The Season - Diogo Nascimento


In another area we are light Nasicmento filled in in our central midfield very well. He provided 4 goals and 7 assists and an average rating of 7.03!

I will do a youth review separately as I need to use a different laptop!


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Youth Intake 2025



Here is the players we have signed this intake. Some really great potential here which is good and we have another striker! Still some way off having any sort of current ability that would enable us to push up the leagues but the top 3 I will be trying to give game time currently in the first team to speed this up!

The Players


I like the look of him. Decent pace, dribbling and finishing! Will get game time as soon as possible!


Again I think he has the right stats in all the right areas including amazing determination!


Another solid looking player here as well. He will be given some time in the first team. Centre midfield is another area where we dont have much depth!


We are now into the players who will require time in the youth squads or on loan before they are first team ready. 


Probably the centre back I like more currently. But again game time in the younger squads will be vital.


Probably more of a winger than an attacking midfielder. Will look to loan him out next season!


I like him playing as a deep lying playmaker role. Needs to work on those physicals though!


Last 2 are signed to see how they develop. I cant see them really troubling the first team but if we can develop and sell then its a benefit as well!


Could be a useful backup left back moving forward and can potentially cover on the right as well but lots of development required.




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Season 2024-25




This season was definitely more of a struggle. With me trying to bed in more of the youngsters and our real lack of depth in the squad really impacted us. Couple that with European football it was tougher!

League Table


Still a very respectable 8th place finish. 

Portuguese Cup


A decent run here was ended by VTSC!

League Cup


We managed to get to the semi final but the lottery of penalties was a step too far for us.

Europa League


We made it into the group stages which was our aim this season. Some really good performances as well in the group stage. Unfortunately 1 goal was what did us out as we finished 1 place outside the playoffs!






Nothing much here, some bit part players and youngsters leaving.

Player Of The Season - Alex Mendez


A fantastic season for Mendes who got 10 goals and 20 assists this season!

Young Player Of The Season - Joaobino (YP24B)


I really tried to embed him into the team this year! He managed to get an impressive 35 appearances and grabbed 4 goals from the spot!

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