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The Road to Glory Will be Rocky but Fulfilling


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Welcome to my Road to Glory challenge!

For this save I will be taking control of a club in the lowest league possible of a nation of my choice and try to fill the cabinet until I have won a surplus amount of trophies.

What I want to do is: - 

  • Win the top league and main domestic cup five times
  • Win five continental competitions with at least one being the Champions League title of that continent.This is not applicable to Oceania and CONCACAF where they only have the Champions League so I will be looking at winning that five times for those continents.
  • Win the Club World Cup at least three times throughout the save.
  • Become a Legend at the club I manage.

These are the main objectives I want to achieve on the six continents to complete the Hexagon Challenge.

The rules which I will be following are simple:

  • I have to start in the lowest possible league of the nation I have chosen
  • I can't switch clubs
  • If I am fired then I have to start from scratch in the lowest league possible. (Horrible scenario for some nations!

The order in which I will be doing is based off the reputation of the Champions League Trophy so it will be: - 

  1. Oceania - New Zealand (7 Tiers) - Weakest of the six continents with the Champions League rated at 1.5*,New Zealand seemed a nice starting area as it's the strongest of the Oceania Leagues so I will be there for a long time which makes becoming a Legend at the club easier to achieve.
  2. CONCACAF - Costa Rica (2 Tiers) - The CONCACAF Champions League was next up as it is rated at 2.5*,I went for more of a challenge here as a Costa Rican side have not lifted the Champions League in any format since 2005 when Saprissa lifted it.Since the remodelled version came in,no Costa Rican side has won the competition.
  3. CAF - Egypt (4 Tiers) - The reason for picking Egypt was simple as I didn't want to play in South Africa.My final choices were Egypt for their higher youth rating or Morocco due to their World Cup exploits but I went with the former.
  4. AFC - Japan (6 Tiers) - There actually isn't much difference between the AFC and CAF Champions League as they were both rated at 3*.My Choice for Japan is simple,I've not managed in Japan since FM 10 or 11 so it has been a very long time coming to manage there again.
  5. CONMEBOL - Brazil (4 Tiers) - Without a shadow of doubt that South America has the second highest reputation rating with 4*.My choices were Brazil or Argentina for this slot but because I couldn't find a working add on for Argentina then Brazil was my pick although I will have to be prepared for quite a few more games due to the State Championships!
  6. UEFA - England (10 Tiers) - No better way than finishing the challenge with a bang then taking a Tier 10 side all the way to the top of the mountain.This is also the case for worst case scenario as if I get sacked then it's all the way to the bottom!

Time to trek this really long path of glory!

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The first club of this journey is Onerahi who start off in the Northland Premier (7th Tier)...I've already played a few seasons so this is a round up of the first few seasons.

Northland Premier - 2022/23


Three left the club and four players eventually came in but the reality was not very many players were willing to sign with a club this far down!

Northland Premier - 1st Place


Fantastic start to my journey as we won promotion with an unbeaten season,the only points we dropped were against Bream Bay United of all teams in which we drew 2-2!

Chatham Cup - 1st Round


We beat Kerikeri in the Preliminary Round which meant we had already gone further than we were expected to but we lost the very next round to top flight side Hibiscus Coast on penalties,a really good performance even if it was against a very weakened top flight side.

NRF Championship Division 1 - 2023/24


We only lost two players this season which was pretty good but I may have gone a bit crazy with bringing in players as I signed 26 players  due to me wanting to overhaul the squad and give us a lot more depth to the team.

NRF Championship Division 1 - 1st Place


We made it back to back promotions which was brilliant and it was a very close run thing as Albany Utd Goose pushed us all the way as we won the title by four points.At home we were brilliant as we only lost once to ECB Drum & Bays but away form home we were very shaky as we dropped eleven points and this included another loss to ECB Drum & Boys who did the double over us!

Chatham Cup - Quarter-Finals


We made it all the way to the quarter finals of the Chatham cup where we were knocked out by top flight side Eastern Suburbs.The one thing I did take notice from this is that the bigger teams in New Zealand do not take this seriously and this includes the majority of the second tier sides.This is more than likely be the first competition we win in New Zealand.

NRF Championship - 2024/25


Our most recent season for transfers saw two players leave and five come in although I did also release 21 players on frees who were no longer good enough for the club.For the incomings,they were for the areas I was struggling in either for depth or just quality of the first choice.

NRF Championship - 1st Place


Another season and another promotion and this was much simpler than last season as we won the league by ten points in which I can only say was due to less upheaval in regards to players so the team was a lot more settled.We had another unbeaten season with the only points dopped being against Greenhithe (0-0) and Papakura City (2-2).Onto the fourth tier we go and that is where things will step up in terms of quality regarding some of the teams so it's say goodbye to the unbeaten seasons for now.

Chatham Cup - Quarter-Finals


We made it to the quarter finals of the Chatham Cup for the second time in three seasons so far and we were dumped out of the competition by Hibiscus Coast for the second time in three seasons.I am starting to hate them now!

Career Stats


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Onerahi FC - Nelson Pine Premiership Division 1 - Pre-Season - 2025/26

Profile - General - Vision - Facilities - Finances

Season Preview - Expectations

Transfers (24/25,25/26) - Released

I actually released eight players and not six but the season reset is a bit weird so two appear in last seasons while the rest are in this seasons,as for the players themselves,they were not up to scratch so off they went.Owens on the other hand is a player I wanted to keep but he decided to join a team in the third tier so it was unlikely I was going to keep him when they came in for him.For the incomes I bought in six players for the new season but the reset day meant they were split so I had to show both screenshots.They are mainly midfielders with the exception of Sherpa and Yuchen who will be our new first choice keeper and right back respectively.I did want some central defenders but there wasn't anyone better than we currently have who would join us.

Pre-Season Fixtures


We actually played four friendlies but again due to the reset date,these were split up.As you can see we won both games here even if we should of beat Kerikeri by a bigger margin,the other matches we played were a 4-1 win against FC Whangarei (5th tier side) and a 3-1 win against Central Brown (7th tier side).No problems what so ever going into the new season.

The Team

Tactic A - Tactic B


Key Players

Gareth Mirko - ST

The undisputed number one player at the club,he's been here for two season and has netted 49 times in 40 appearances,hopefully he can add to that impressive tally.

Blake Inder - DM,M/AMC

His versatility along with his current ability is the main reason why I signed him during pre-season as he will be a key player for us in the middle of the park.

Ryan Rossall - DM,MC

Another signing made during the off season and he will partner Inder in the middle,hopefully they can hit it off and form a successful partnership as they could be the key for us having a successful season.

One to Watch

Stefan Eller - DRL,WBL

One of the key areas for the tactic will be the fullback positions due to their overlapping and he is a step-up from the full backs we currently had,I can see him improving and playing a key role in the future.

Manager's Thoughts

I have strengthened where possible but I am not really that confident of meeting the board's hefty league expectations of gaining promotion by winning the league but I think we should be up in contention at worst as we are ranked the favourites for the title by the media.The Chatham Cup expectations are a joke as there is nothing challenging about it and it has been the same in the previous three seasons so I am very confident we can surpass that.Finances are great for a club of this stature so I am happy with that but I will be keeping an eye out on the scouting centre in case better DCs and AMCs become available as they are our two weakest areas in the team.

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April 2025



It's been a brilliant start to the season as we picked up ten points from our opening four games,we do have a three point lead over FC Nelson but they do have a game in Hand.The only dropped points was against Richmond Athletic in which we blew a 3-1 lead,we did have some luck on the same day as FC Nelson blew a 4-2 lead and conceded two late goals against FC Nelson Locomotive.No surprises in the Chatham Cup as we easily beat University of Auckland in the Preliminary round and that means we have surpassed the board's expectations for the competition.

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May 2025



Two solid wins in the league with one of those being the 3-1 win over title rivals FC Nelson so I am over the moon with how we played,no issue in the second match either as we destroyed Golden Bay.We edged past Northland in the first round of the Chatham Cup thanks to Mirko's brace,this match might as well seen us play against 12 men as the referee Mark Ratten was clearly against us,even his match rating suggests he had a terrible game!


We managed to receive all four of those yellow cards so I really do hope he never referees another one of my matches!

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June 2025



Two from two in the league but it was a case of two completely performances,we had to come from 2-0 down to beat bottom of the table Nelson College while we were brilliant against Nelson Locomotive although all six goals did come in the second half against the latter.We have a six point lead at the minute but FC Nelson do have a game in hand on us so there is still plenty to play for.In the Chatham Cup we progressed to the 4th Round as we beat Manuau 3-2 in a highly competitive match then followed a upset as we knocked out top flight side Birkenhead,it was a weakened side but it still counts!

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July 2025



Two wins in the league meant we wrapped the table but even though we are champions,we haven't been promoted yet as we have to feature in the playoffs.The win over Nelson Suburbs Seals was great but it was nothing compared to the 2-1 victory over FC Nelson,a late Mirko winner against the second place team secured us the title.We are out of the Chatham Cup and a 1-0 loss flattered us as Auckland City are ridiculous,their xG for this game was over 2 so I think we did well.As you can see we are playing friendlies,this is because I want to keep match fitness up in between competitive games as I don't want to go into the playoffs lacking match sharpness.

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August 2025



We won both of our last league games which means we went unbeaten in the league stage,we were fantastic in both games and played solidly throughout.Winning the title looked comfortable in the end as we showed our quality.With the league now being done we will be entering the playoffs in Septemeber so my biggest hope is that we can carry our form into them.

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September 2025


Only the one competitive game in September and that came against CTFC Turtles in the Playoff,overall it was a comfortable solid win as we clinched promotion to the third tier but it could of been a different story if CTFC Turtles converted their penalty when the score was 1-0 but they hit the post and as they say,the rest is history.

Onwards to the third tier we go!

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Onerahi FC - Nelson Pine Premiership Division 1 - End of Season - 2025

Profile - General - Vision - Facilities - Finances

Season Review

Fixtures 1 - 2

Transfers - Released

Due to the date for the season reset,things aren't what they seem in the screenshots.In the game we actually released fourteen players who were either not good enough for the team or were moaning about a lack of football and were not good enough for first team consistently.Three players left the club with the biggest loss being Nick Bradley who had been out top assist provider in the last two seasons.Seven players came in to strengthen the team quite considerably but beween pre-season and now we only added one player Gabrial Jhang to give us a bit of quality boost up front.


Nelson Pine Premiership Division 1 - Winners


We gained a fourth successive promotion and it even though it looks comfortable,FC Nelson did push us for a long time up until the last few weeks when they just crumbled while we kept our form going.Even though we won the title we still had to do a playoff and in that we beat CTFC Turtles 4-0 with the key moment of the match being the opposition missing a penalty while the score was 1-0,after that we ran riot and won the match comfortably.

Chatham Cup - 4th Round


Our run this season may not seem as impressive as the quarter final appearances in the last two seasons,we stlll far exceeded expectations as we reached the 4th round where we lost to Auckland City,no shame in that loss as it could of been a lot worse as they dominated,still a good result against the second highest rated team in New Zealand.

Players,Stats and Awards

Overall Best XI - Best XI - Accolades


Gareth Mirko

Marshall Old

Ryan Rossall

Xu Yuchen

Blake Inder

Manager's Thoughts

No complaints off me when it came to performances on the pitch as we went unbeaten in the league and gained promotion after winning the playoffs so we met the board's expectations.The Chatham Cup saw us put on another impressive run but that was ended by a much superior side but again we surpassed the expectations so it's no surprise that I was offered a new contract which I signed.Off the pitch,the only real issue I am having is with the chairman as he keeps refusing upgrades for anything despite actually having the money to afford upgrades in specific areas,luckily I am still at the club as I don't want to lose my job and end up all the way in the murky depths of New Zealand football!

Onwards and upwards we shall continue!

Career Stats


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Expect the Unexpected!

 This has come as a surprise as there was no rumours about a takeover and his status was "loves the club" when I did the end of season review literally less than month later in game time.

2 Days Later...



Well that happened quickly!

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Onerahi FC - Lotto NRFL Division 1 - Pre-Season - 2026

Profile - General - Vision - Facilities - Finances

Season Preview - Expectations

Transfers (2025,2026) - Released (2025,2026)

There was mass culling when it came to players released as I let 20 players go,honestly it's not too much of a issue as none of them were going to make it at the club.Two players left the club both of which were annoying to deal with as they were useful as Koloamatangi was our number 2 while Pracey was one of my first back up options for MC,I replaced the former with Tankon but I've not yet replaced Pracey.Other than Tankon I bought in another seven players,I wasn't going to do this but when I realised the position I was in then I had no choice but to as I needed to strengthen the team considerably.

Pre-Season Fixtures


Nothing too major in pre-season as I just wanted to get the players fitness up ahead of the new season as I feel I am going to need a fantastic start to make sure I meet the board's expectations.

The Team



Nicholas Fernandez

My choice of one to watch this season,he is only 19 and is one of the best players at the club.He alongside Mirko will be my first choice partnership up front.

Blake Inder

He performed brilliant for us as a defensive midfielder in the DM position and I hope it can carry on into this season.

Gareth Mirko

It's Gareth Mirko and it would be a crime if he isn't considered one of our key players.Currently sitting on 69 goals in 58 appearances for Onerahi.

Harry Freeman

Another of the new signings to feature as a Key player.He is the second of three DM's I play with in my tactic and he will be playing as a Volante on the attack role.

Brendan Tankon

I had look at other Oceania national teams all the way down to u18's during pre-season.Tankon came in as a trialist at first and he was more than happy to join us.Will be the first choice keeper this season.

Manager's Thoughts

Not going to lie,I made a bit of a boo boo as I thought there was seven tiers in New Zealand but it turns out there are six and we will be playing in the second tier.This meant I had to be a lot more proactive in the transfer market then I would of liked as the squad would of struggled to survive if it stayed as it had and that was my intention if we were going to be in the third tier.The board only want us to survive and that looks to be the case as it looks like with exception to a few teams,we are outclassed by quite a bit in comparison so it will be a case of building upon whatever we do this season.

Off the pitch things seemed to have gone quiet on the takeover front so I am anticipating to hear something about that this season.Our current chairman has put his hand into his pocket as he agreed to upgrade the training facilities and they will be completed in August this season.However he didn't agree to any of the other proposals for upgrades although for some reason I coudn't request to upgrade my Junior Coaching.We still have over £100k in the bank and that will only go up as this tier actually offers decent amount of money depending on where they finish so we should be okay in that regard.Time to see if we can put up a fight at this level!

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