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Looking for interest for Australian time evenings for FM23


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Looking to get into a multiplayer career game for FM23 and being based in Australia was thinking of setting up new game. Seeing if there is any interest from anyone from the same parts or is available at the time.

Initial idea:

- start time 7.30pm AEST
- 2 nights a week, monday/tuesday and wednesday/thursday. Maybe do more if everyone is able.
- Leagues can be determined, i'm pretty easy going so something casual and fun.
- Looking for people who can commit for the next year or so or however long want to keep it running. Obviously real life will get in the way so will be fairly flexible.

If your interested, let me know and if you have any tips/ideas feel free to share. I've never ran an online league, so any input would be appreciated.

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hey mate. i've got a group for Aus/NZ FM players using Discord.
we have a few that like to get into network saves each edition, so im sure there'll be someone to jump in with.

i'll DM you link/details

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