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loan manager: what attributes actually help him find the right club??

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I solely need my loan manager to find the best club as fast as possible and accept/refuse offers.

when you google "loan manager attributes" you just find meaningless things like:

Analysing Data
The ability of an Analyst to understand data concerning an individual player or team and interpret it in a manner useful to the manager

Man Management
How well the member of staff is able to deal with those around them and particularly below them. Higher ratings reflect someone who is capable of impressive organisation and keeping people happy.

Judging Player Ability
The ability of a staff member to appraise the current standard of a given player or team.

Judging Player Potential
The ability of a staff member to appraise the potential future levels of performance of a given player or team whilst taking into account several factors that could influence the outcome.


Maybe "man management" helps him talk to clubs or "analysing data" helps him find clubs but I actually doubt that. And I don't need him to judge any players' abilities since I'd like to decide which players should be loaned out.

so, does someone here know more about this? Thanks very much!



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This is the staff attribute weighting for each role. It comes from Pre-Game Editor.


So, for Loan Manager I will look for:

- Working with Youngsters
- Determination
- Motivating (must have)
- People Management (must have)
- JPA, JPP (must have)
- Tactical Knowledge

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Posted (edited)

thank you - yes but probably most of them are not necessary if you want your loan manager to solely find the right club fast. I want to make the decisions myself about if and when to loan players out. So that was my question. 
I think if you knew which attributes do what, you'd have it much easier to hire the right people for your particular playstyle - and cheaper...

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