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On 21/02/2022 at 22:17, Jon French said:

I've now played four seasons with two different clubs and I haven't seen the favourite clubs or personnel change for any of the players I've managed, literally not a single one. Is this a bug or just unlucky?

Probably unlucky. I've had it happen for quite some players who regularly win player of the week/month/season awards. Or if you're an unlikely club winning a cup or title.

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I started a new game with Iraklis in the Greek second division. I finished second in my first season and am top of the league in my second but still im still no one's favoured personnel. One thing to note, although my league has a team of the week which my players are often in, there's no player of the week or month awards so I'm wondering whether there is some sort of glitch where you can only be a favoured person if your players can get player of the month/ week awards

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Yeah. I've played two saves, one of four seasons and one of two. The first game was one season in the French National and Three in Cymru South, the second was two seasons in Greek Superleague 2.

The only players I've had add me as favourite personnel are regens. It's the Xbox version played on an Xbox One X. Thanks very much for the response.

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giving young players their big break and starting them regularly makes you a favored personnel. older players take many seasons.

club wise, the player needs to break a record or two and/or have an extraordinary season. 

if the player was ever unhappy kills the chance of it happening in my saves. in one save, my striker broke the club's single season goal record plus a decently highly avg rating and was updated as a favored personal after the end of the season, while in another save with the same club and same player, it didnt happen even though he broke the record in back to back years probably due to him getting unhappy in the beginning and/or his much lower avg rating. 

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