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  1. Well, you can always check the team stats page right after the goal...
  2. No, true. But it was weird to start a game, have a look around the squad, carry on with my life, come back the next day and then receive the message that 'congrats, you played 24h'
  3. On OnePlus phones it does count time in the background, I've noticed. Some Motorola phones too.
  4. Crashes weren't really the issue, more the general sluggishness which you don't get (at all) on a decent computer. I got tired of clicking on a wrong thing and having to take a couple seconds to get back. Doesn't seem like much, but it got under my skin after a couple of months... But I'm afraid that it would be the same on a tablet. So I thought I'd get some more reports on everyone's experiences.
  5. Hi all, Long-term fan of FMT here. I was wondering if someone can point me towards the best device for next year's edition. Over the years I've played it on the PS Vita (was very slow), the Switch (still very slow experience) and now PC. I got to the game through FMM so I'm most of all looking for a quick and smooth experience. I loved it on the Switch, but it was still feeling quite clunky and games took some time to load. The best way I'v known was this year on PC, but then you have the problem of portability. I spend quite some time on the train and on my sofa, which makes playing on a computer slightly awkward. Was this year's version on the Switch better, perhaps? Will it become better next year? Or is it still the same 'meh' experience? Will an Android tablet serve me best, or rather an iPad? I don't really care about league limits or season limits - speed and smoothness are essential. Or should I just give it a go on my 2015 Macbook Air? Thanks in advance.
  6. Well... I did try that and it was far from perfect, but mainly because most of my players get their crosses into corners. Sometimes they're far ahead of their defender, my players are rushing into the box and still they wait for everyone to stand still before they try their cross... against the defender's legs. Maybe I should just try crosses from deep.
  7. Thanks again; I've been busy with all kinds of work things and haven't had time to play much. I've abandoned the christmas tree as it wasn't doing anything good. I did try the 4312 and that is looking quite nice. Possession wise it's going good, but sometimes I do need to play on the counter more. I try to change from possession to counter by ticking the counter option, changing directnes from short to normal and use play into space. Together with a standard line of defence and lower LoE it does work, but it feels like I'm still missing some 'snappyness', a bit of joie de vivre. I've changed the AP back to AMC and am playing Chirivella and Kana as DLP(d). Chiri is still not the best option I reckon, but it's the best I could do with our budgets... I appreciate the feedback, but could you elaborate on the low crosses part? I figured that in the original set-up it would go well with an AMC popping up in the box.
  8. Thanks, yo've given me a lot to think about and I'll definitely be trying some of your tips. My thoughts have been too much 'is this balanced enough' to look at some of the details you mentioned so this will definitely be a big help. The reason I've left Nasri out is because I gave him ample chances in the first team and he simply didn't deliver. Always was way worse than 18 yo Verschaeren. He left in january, for some money we really need. Anderlecht has A LOT of huge talents, like Verschaeren, Doku, Kana,... but their finances are a mess. One more thing: I saw somewhere that the christmas tree formation wasn't suited to this year's ME and that playing the 4312 might be a better option. In case I move on to try that - how would you line up the front three? Joveljic as an AdvF is something I can heartily agree on; next to that my gut would say a DLF(s) on the same side of a Mez(a) to get that interchange going, with an AMC(s) behind them, or perhaps an AP(s). What would your guess be? Once again thanks for the effort you put in, researching the players and all! If I could give you more than one upvote, I would
  9. Hi guys, Happy Easter to all! To celebrate the occassion, I'm currently employing the very apt christmas tree. After all, 'tis the season to be jolly, quarantine or no. I'm trying to kill some time by playing FM20, for the first time this edition, so I'm - naturally - struggling to regain my footing in this game. Hence why I'm reaching out for help again. You guys really helped last year and I'm hoping you can do me the favour once again. I was inspired by reading an article on BR/Football about Stevie G at Rangers and thought I'd give the Christmas tree a go myself. I started out at what I thought he was using, but (just like the article said was happening in real life) it was VERY stale in attack. So I've since evolved to this: But I'm still struggling at times to break down opposition. I'm getting shots and against equal opponents they're on target - they give me some space to work with - but against smaller opposition we're hitting shots against their legs rather than on target. Even if I use work into box. The AP(s) was a AM(s) first, I'm still trying to see if the playmaker role gets better results for that spot. As an AM I was getting 6.4 or 6.5 a lot. The striker is having a lot of difficulties too; I want to play possession football but I find myself swithcing to an advanced forward often because my DLF is getting lost in the opponent's defence. Long story short, my main problems are the AM(L) and the ST. Defensively it's quite solid. Any suggestions are welcome - tips going beyond my questions are as well. I'll drop my players below for a look. Thanks and hang in there! EDIT: one more remark: these are the best players to do it with, since I can't buy any players as Anderlecht are in dire straits financially. There's still Verschaeren, a top talent, but he's too young to rely on too heavily.
  10. True -even though that has never really limited my teams - but shouldn't the AI teams (or your own) be 'cleaned out' more often? The best players should be bought for very low prices, but I don't ever see that happening. It's like the AI isn't aggressive enough to be a real vulture in those instances
  11. Two IF's can certainly work, but then you'd be better off playing one on support. The first thing you should consider for yourself if whether you really want your striker to be your main goalscoring outlet. If the answer is yes, than it doesn't make sense to play 2 IF's on attack. One IW on support would be better, combined with (eg) a DLF on attack I think. A F9 is different from a DLF in that he drops even deeper, acting a lot more like a creator than a striker. He creates spaces by dropping back, hopefully dragging a defender with him and then playing that pass for the IF to run onto. A F9 can still score of course, but he'll mainly be a kind of playmaker on top. It starts by making clear what you want to achieve and then puzzling the pieces together. My idea for scoring wingers would be something like this: DLF(s) IF(a) IW(s) Mez(s) DLP(s) DM(d) FB(s) CD CD FB(a) You could try experimenting with a WB(d) on the left or a WB(s) or even WB(a) on the right, but I have to say I don't have a lot of experience in this system. This is what I'd do based on the tips I found here.
  12. Two things I'd look at are your wings and the role you give your striker. If you play two identical wings, you'll have quite a one-dimensional attack. Secondly, I'm guessing your players are overflowing the box? Two IF on attack will both be attacking the box at the same time, while the striker is joining in right behind them. Very shortly after your mezala will arrive and then even the BBM. My guess is there is no space for your striker to exploit. This way you're set up for your IF's to score all the goals - is your striker at least giving them assists? Something I'd try is either a F9 (so he drops even deeper and gives up the space he might be taking up otherwise) and enjoy your IF's performance, or make your wings a bit more conservative. One other thing: are you trying to play a counter tactic or a poss based system? Some of your TI's are working against each other. If you're trying to counter, I wouldn't be playing the striker on DLF(s). But, of course, I'm guessing the counters work out great for your inside forwards? I'm not an expert (by all means ) but the way I see it, you've built a tactic made for your wingers to score and not for your strikers.
  13. Thanks for the explanation and sorry for my late answer. Myself I'd have chosen a DLP on support on that side and changing the AP to a CM or B2B. But I must admit I'm still too focused on roles without checking if the players I'm using are really suited for them.
  14. I'm interested in your approach, but could you please elaborate a bit more on why you would switch from IW to IF? And why you would choose a carillero as well, when you have decent options out wide as well as in the middle. I thought the CAR was meant for when you don't have a lot of width yet want someone to cover the wider areas. I'm probably wrong though.
  15. Say what you will, but this game has far too few passes... In a top game, my (non-playmaker!!!) CD will have made most passes, totalling 60 if he's been productive. Irl, you often get players making over 100 touches, but that never seems to happen in the game. Isn't that a tad unrealistic?
  16. Purchases are restored as they are linked to your account rather than to the game.
  17. Well, Jupp Heynckes was what? 72? Wenger is 70 and looking to get back into the game. Ferguson quit at 71. Hodgson is 72 I think? And still going... Calm down, it's only a number... Besides they say life starts at 50
  18. 11.0.3 I think. I switched phones yesterday and haven't played a lot since. Haven't had it yet on the 2nd phone, so maybe a bug from the previous version on the previous phone? Am I making sense? I'll keep an eye out though.
  19. Not sure if this is a bug or by design, but sometimes when all new messages are read, the inbox goes back to the oldest message in there. Quite annoying if you want to take another look at the last message you got. Something that can be rectified or something I should learn to live with?
  20. Well, absorbing an entire team in the bermuda triangle is a tact I've never heard of before.
  21. Not being really helpful here, but I always used a Treq as a support player. I read in the 12 step guide a couple of years ago that even though he has an attack duty, you should think of him as a support player. It's been a while since I used him myself, so can't help in terms of shape. But thought that might be worthwhile to share
  22. Thing is I saw the exact same things when I still had a standard line. Perhaps my problems will be solved if I switch to a lower line and keep the rest? I'll definitely try that out, thanks!
  23. Thanks for the suggestions. I changed the DLP back to a DM(d), but I don't feel it does much in terms of stability. I then tried your suggestion of turning it into a regular 4231, which looked like this: PF(a) IF(s)---AP(s)---W(a) DLP(d)---Mez(s) FB(a)-CD-CD-FB(s) SK(d) Still on positive, with my TI's from before + higher D-line. It worked for about one and a half game, including a 4-0 victory over Sporting where my striker seemed to be freed from his shackles (even though he did make quite some runs as a CF(s)). But I think that might be to do with more space being open as less players were agressively attacking the box (because I left out the IWB, that was one less player around the box). But then I lost the game to Standard Liège 4-2 where all the counter-attacking flaws became visible again. My defenders are among the best in the league, if not thé best, but during counters my right defender misses his interceptions and the left one lets his man slip away too easily. So I'm thinking of reverting back to my previous shape, but being more conservative: PF(a) ------IF(s)------AP(s)--W(a) CM(s)---- DM(d) FB(a)--CD-CD--FB(s) SK(d) I feel my AP does best if he gets to drop deep into the CM spot so I'd like to keep him. Maybe turning the MEZ into a supporting CM gets me more stability because of getting rid of one roaming role, while still providing me with a runner from deep. I've thought of making him a DLP(s) so it looks more like what you'd use in a regular 433, but then I'd lose him attacking the box as often as I'd want. I'm dropping the D-line again, but I'm keeping the split press to the front four. I'm interested to see if this can get me more options against counters, while hopefully rediscovering our strong attacking football. What do you think?
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