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[FM22] - Once Again, I am attempting to create a new force in Madrid


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After struggling to find a save for most of FM22, I have finally decided to finish what I started in FM21. 

RCD Carabanchel is the 3rd oldest team in the city of Madrid but in terms of actual footballing heritage, they are as irrelevant as a club can get. 

In FM they start in the 5th tier of Spanish footballing pyramid, but I am still very confused as to how it works with the restructuring but we will find it all out together. 


Here's the announcement of our appointment, a one year deal at 625 euros a week. 


The club has 1 star reputation, and has Below average training facilities and poor youth facilities. 

They currently play in Campo La Mina, located in Madrid. 


This a paranomic view of the stadium as per the club's website. 


This is the location as per google, its located in sort of South west of madrid, and its very close to Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. 


This is our best available 11 and I actually recognise most of the names. Most importantly Samu Diaz, who was amazing for the club in the first couple of seasons in Fm21. 


He's easily the best player at the club currently as available and he seems like a solid player for this division. 


We are predicted to finish 12th in an 18 team league, there's 2 relegation slots and we most definitely want to avoid as we are playing in the lowest level possible as is. 


The board is very unambitious to say the least, but i most definitely dont want to stay in the 5th tier forever 


As a last thing, shout out to Riddler on for creating the Db and I'll add The link to it as well. 


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Results from friendlies and first month of actual league play. 

Friendlies were mostly irrelevant and used as a way to make players fit enough and give the trialists a run out. 


The game against Fuenlebrada B was extremely frustating, our front 3 just struggled to be involved in the attack and we concede from a long ball over the top. We did have our starting right wing away on international duty with the Dominican Republic. 


Easily the best performance in terms of result, everything just went right and we were clinical. 



This game was actually a lot more on sided than it looks on the stat sheet. They had one really high xG chance early on and then we dominated the rest of the game. A draw was probably a fair result but I would love a win here. 


Getafe B was just too good and we struggled to get anything going here. 



I have tried to address the biggest issue in the team right now and signed 3 midfielders to add quality and depth. 




These 3 are the 3 best midfielders now at club and the only ones we could afford given the financial resources of the club. 

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Results October:


Brilliant month, culmination with a solid win at home against Rayo Vallecano B on my in game birthday


This game was the most important game of the season so far, as Moscardo are our fierce rivals. completely dominated them, with my midfield taking control of the game, and Samu Diaz balling out as the striker. 


Such a boring game, barely any chances. Jaime Dimas and Perez as a back 3 are extremely solid and their understanding is important for our good form. 


When Samu plays well, we play well. Our older midfielders have been balling out too. And Jaime once again had a solid performance on both ends of the pitch. 



Another brilliant game, we got a bit lucky with the first goal but once that went in we just controlled the game and then Torres added a second half goal to seal a good win away from home. 


The toughest game of the month, our attack struggled and it showed. But another good performance by midfield and defense. Jaime scored a late winner from a corner. 


This the league table and our next two games are against Atletico B and Parla. That should give us an indication on how good we actually are. 




Hassane wasnt that good but we did need bodies in the midfield. He started every game but that wasnt good enough for his parent club. 


In his place we signed Nico Gaitan on a free. He is poor technically but has good enough physicals and mentals to cover. He can tackle though which is important

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A mixed bag month in terms of results with 2 losses. But we did enough to stay on the promotion hunt. 


The promotion rules are simple, top 2 move up the division and bottom 2 get relegated. But of course as we all know theres a big restructuring happening with the lower leagues of Spanish football, the divisions arent still yet set in stone. But we will worry about that when we cross that bridge. 


We did really well here in my opinion but Atletico B team is just too good for us. 


A very clinical performance against Parla at home. Parla is one of the better sides of the division and are a promotion contendor. 


This match was extremely frustrating as we created enough to win imo but our wingers just had off games. 


A great win as we put promotion challengers Galapagar to the sword. 



just a couple of squad depth players on non contracts 

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Losing against Las Rozas wasnt fun but a solid month overall


We are just 5 points away from 2nd place, but with no money available to spend, I dont expect much improvement to the team. But hopefully our players can continue to perform well


Torrejon were brushed aside with ease, a good team performance. 


Now this was disappointing, no one other than our right side stepped up. We were better but Las Rozas were way more clinical. 


Another easy win against the worst side in the division

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Mid Season Review:

Instead of just pushing through the season, I decided to take some time to go over some of the key aspects of how the season has evolved, and how we as a team have performed. I finally decided against doing instant results for this save and I must say it is good to be playing every game again. It does help that Spanish lower leagues have a lighter schedule compared to english leagues for example. 


First thing i want to talk about is the youth intake. I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of intake. Our midfield is our weakest point and having key players emerge from the intake in those riles would be amazing. I wouldnt mind a half decent goalkeeper emerging either. 








This has been my biggest concern of the season so far. Our performances away from home haven't been that bad but the results differ. 4 losses is not something i appreciate and its definitely something i want to improve going forward. 

















The defensive performances and the goalkeeping performances have been sturdy, although we could try to reduce the number of shots conceded per game. 


We have been above average in all metrics except interceptions, which does surprise me as our team is defensively not the strongest when it comes to attributes of individual players. 


We are pretty bang in the middle of the road when it comes to clearances per game but above the median for blocks for per game, although the difference is not the biggest. 

















I am not surprised by the lack of dribbling as a few our players are quite old and dont have the same level of flair. Slight underperformance on the xG and wasteful shooting, which I completely agree with. The attackers have missed more chances than what I'd have liked for sure. 


Hit the woodwork a few too many times. Based on % of shot on target, we are actually below average in the league, another place of improvement. 


Like I have said, our goalkeeper has been awesome, the biggest gap to Goals conceded vs xGa. Slightly miffed at Las Rozas and Parla over performing. 


All in, based on where we are predicted to finish(13th on season preview), this first half of season has been a massive success. We are still hovering outside the promotion spot and with a bit of wheeling and dealing, I hope we can get better and not regress in the second half of the season. 

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Brilliant month, a win over the best team in the league and a great performance away from home


Us and RSD Alcala are the most inform teams in the league at the moment. 



An easy win against one of the worse teams in the division


A typical away game, missed our chances and lost 2 points. 


Outplayed Atletico B at home, Ramiro has been a revelation in the CM spot since he was signed 


A strong away win, we went down to 10 men but managed to run the train over Pozuelo. 






Cortazar is our new LB, hes not great but hes better than what we had previously. We are paying 1k a month in loan fees for him. 


Ramiro is a regen and he was signed on a free transfer. His natural position is a DM, but I am using him as CM(Attack) and he has been great in that role.

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My apologies, as I got a bit carried away and ended up playing feb - march - april without doing the monthly update


As you can see after a strong January form has been very iffy. 


We are however helped by everyone around us having similar forms, aside from Atletico B who have run away with the league. Since the league decider is H2H, we hold the advantage over Pozuelo and Las Rozas, but Getafe B have the advantage over us. 


We also had our youth intake, 4 players with decent potential and they were signed to contracts at the club, the rest will be let go



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15 minutes to disaster:



I genuinely don't know what to say, with Getafe B and Pozuelo playing each other, this was our chance to secure 2nd. Instead we have a disaster and lose 3-1 at home to 2nd from bottom team. 


Based on results elsewhere, our faith is no longer in our hands 

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Nothing else to say really, one win against 17th or 12th and we go up, instead it was a bottlejob and half. 

Our GK who has been solid all year, drops the balls twice and conceded two goals. 

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3 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

Ouch. That's really unlucky. 

I am guessing B teams can get promoted right?

B team can play up till the 2nd division, and this is the 5th tier so they can get promoted as long as their main team isn’t in the division above. 

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End of season review:




Alvaro was awesome, and I hope we can sign players like him to bolster our squad



Pretty much the team that played the most this season


Wage Budget got reduced... so that's always a hoot

Plans for the Upcoming season:

As is the case with lower league teams, most of our players were out of contract and I am happy to let most of them walk, including key players like Samu Diaz. 

My plan is simple trial...trial...trial until i build a new team for the next season 

Screenshot (155).png

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Season Preview:

Our second attempt to get out of tier 5 of Spain starts.

Having trialled probably close to 300 players, I feel very happy with the squad I have assembled 

Plenty of options for the starting 11, complimented by a few players on Non contracts to add depth

Promotion Odds:


Decent odds, we were predicted to finish 13th last season so this is an improvement. B teams once again will be the most annoying thing to deal with. 




Having to rebuild a whole new team, this is the total business he have done so far. 




These are the 3 best players based on star ratings. 

Any new signing who has a deal of more than a year has a non promotion release clause of 0, so getting promoted into the professional divisions is imperative. 



The board decided to form a B team and that has put in a major financial hole 

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September 2022:

A strong yet frustrating start to the season


2 wins and 2 draws is good, considering we played 3 games away from home. 

However we barely beat Parla(need to added time goals from Captain, leader, legend Jaime), despite having an xG advantage of 3.5 - 0.8. 

The same was true for the next games, including a last minute open goal miss against Tres Cantos. 


This might be first time I've seen my team underperform their xG but for now I am chalking it down to lack of team cohesion and match practice due to the trialling system


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October 2022:

Another bad month in front of goal but we continue to scrape by



Our xG woes worsen. I have tried multiple striker roles and I am genuinely stumped at what to do. Its not like my attackers are bad but they just cant finish their chances. 


Also had our first interview, which was obviously declined


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November 2022:

Despite a poor start to month, and not so good performances in general, November was a fruitful month for us



Looking on form the loss against Villaviciosa doesnt look too bad but given the tie breaker it could have long term repercussions 


Our xG terrorist campaign continues at full swing, I miss the days when we overperformed our numbers. 



The board finally recognizing the error of their ways and add some money into the coffers. 


Despite the massive cost of setting up a B team, we had been making a slight profit every month. 


Also had another interview request, which was ofc rejected

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2 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

Don't worry, the xG will even out over time. Seems like you're doing well now. Hope you can continue the strong form. 

Yeah I have sort of stopping making rotations and started sticking to a single XI. The league is actually really competent too, I just looked and we are predicted to finish 7th now, so other teams have strengthened. Just hope I can get out of this division, because finances are very ropey at the moment 

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December 2022:


A great month, 10 goals scored 0 conceded


bit annoyed at Villaviciosa doing almost as well. 


We have been brilliant since the defeat, I am way more happy with the lack of goals conceded. 

Next month will be tough as we play 3rd, 4th and 5th in league, a potential season deciding month


a byproduct of xG terrorism 


Speaking of xG looks like its finally evening out @karanhsingh



We also had our 3 job interview offer, which was ofc rejected

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January 2023:


despite losing a close game to Rayo B we had an excellent month


6 points clear of 3rd. just hope we can build on this financesjan2023.jpg.cefe8048d9c99c98e19cdced9cf95385.jpg

Board injected further money to improve our financial situation bit more


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With our good form, i decided to just play through until we got promoted. A promotion to the 4th tier of Spain is step 1 in the plan to dominate Madrid, Spain and eventually Europe.


unbeaten in the league and despite the 2 draws it was enough to go up. 


I will be trying my hardest to win the league just for a better reputation boost. But at the end of it all, it was pretty straightforward promotion push by us and relegated Mostoles URJC side. 


I got another job offer, and I rejected it again

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Season Review:

Unfortunately the league title slipped out of our hands but we will be playing in the 4th tier next season.



I am very happy with most of my signings


idk why is screen is glitched for me. 





Everyone is over 7 in average rating, David Toro was obviously the best player. 



We also had our intake, one good player rest meh.


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