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  1. How can I change continental cup squad registration rules? AFC has a 4 foreigners limit but i want to change that to something else
  2. Hello, this might be an easy question for the experiences folks in this thread. But i am not an experienced person, far from it. I am currently trying to create an Indian league system DB, where I am adding changed rules for foreign players limits. However, the continental cups have this very annoying rules where you can have 3+1 foreigners max in the squad. That is 4 total foreigners with 3 non Asian allowed. I want to change this to something closer to the homegrown system used in Europe or even remove this rule all together. Can some guide me or point me towards a thread that can help me make the necessary changes in the competitions.
  3. Good selection, all the best. What DB are you using for this? Do you mind sharing, thanks.
  4. Unfortunately guys, real life happened and I just started a new job. I will try to give updates but chances of that happening are not very high. Not for the next couple of months.
  5. Wonderkids dreaming Some people may say that is an overkill of wonderkids but IDK. What do you say? A lot of movement but it is slowly and slowly moving away from loan dependencia. First up, Lucas Jara on a free. Brilliant finishing, first touch, passing, technique. Physicals are meh but he's only 19 so he can become better. Next up is Facundo Bandini, on a free again. 6'5 ball playing center back. Not good enough currently but he can grow into a baller for the future. Now this guy is a bonafide start. How he doesn't have a Serbia cap is beyond me, no real weaknesses in his game aside from finishing which some might say is important for a striker. But he is the DLF so his role is more about linking up the play. Branko Panikvar is another wonderkid. I've had this guy in my shortlist for about 4 years now and i think it was the right decision to pull the plug on him. Another brilliant centerback in the club. Another player i've tried to sign for a few years and he finally joined. Steve Marques is a south african midfielder. Yaya Toure vibes anyone? Gavi is a good left midfielder, signed on loan from Osasuna with an option to buy in the following summer. Brea is the new backup keeper, mainly signed because he is Spanish and meets homegrown requirements. Ismet Brkic is just a potential RB for the future. The group is for conference league looks straight forward, Hope to get 1st again so I can avoid the 1st knockout round. We are no longer the worst squad in the league, although there's big gap between us and Real Madrid who are just too OP in this league.
  6. A season of success and heartbreak, we finished 7th again and qualify for Conference League as league winners Real Madrid won the domestic double. We also got to the Europa league final and lost in extra time to Wolves, which makes it 9 years without a trophy, something I hadn't realised until that. On paper this seems like a success but... The board wanted to avoid relegation and we did that successfully. Odubeko is 18 goals away from crossing the 100 goals mark for the club. It was a close race but we stumbled to 7th We were competing for 3rd an 4th spots until the end of March and then it all went to the ground. 6 defeats and 2 draws in the last 8 game which is made worse as our 5 final games were against teams battling relegation or already relegated teams like Getafe. I have decided to be ruthless with the squad in the summer window so expect some gutting and some recognizable names will be let go, as I want a few more experienced players in the squad, who also meet the squad registration rules. Biggest win was 8-0 and we could have genuinely scored 10+ in that game. Conference League gave 20 million in broadcast revenue which is absolutely massive for the club. I hope our reputation will go up slightly after the season reset day. our starting 11 was brilliant, we were however led astray due to poor performance of the depth players and injuries + tiredness due to a long season. Freddie Davidson and Blazesene won't be returning next season. I do however hope to get Tatli back as he has been brilliant consistently and by far the best winger at the club.
  7. Mid season, and it has been going well. League going well, cup started well and conference league is going brilliantly The status quo has been returned and barca/madrid are back challenging for the league again. But the key is that tiny team in 5th place. We are still the lowest wages in the league, 9 million less than 19th placed team, which is Real Sporting who are also 19th in the table. The group stage was brilliant, 6 wins out of 6 and 0 goals conceded. Excellent group of players, but way more negatives Plenty of transfers done as we look to strengthen the team and keep adding players for the future. Eric is a young brazilian winger, who will be the long term successor Tatli on the right mid position Kone is 18 years old keeper, who is signed as a potential competitor for Gennari. Resolute personality and I hope I can find him a good loan Would you look at that? Another Colombian regen, brilliant midfielder for his age and he has a lot of room to grow. He will be the backup next season, but he might be starting next season. leonardo is another brazilian winger, backup at LM this season with a future potential role as starter. De La Hoz is a young CB signed on a free, and he will be loaned out for the upcoming season. We are also on our best run of form, with 10 wins in a row.
  8. He was born in Dublin to Nigerian parents, he's played for both the manchester teams and currently is at West Ham. As for being sold, he has fully peaked so I don't expect massive offers for him.
  9. Bit of an early return but I wanted to share something important Odubeko has officially become the highest league scorer in the club's history. One of my favourite players in all of FM21 and it couldnt have happened to a nicer bloke. I hope he can cross into triple figures.
  10. Well here we go, a new season a new hope. A hope of European success, a hope of better things to come. But first we must get the transfers sorted Plenty of business happened before the season reset date. And a little after that... 2 big sales, Marvin Kalonji the congo man was with us for 3 years but he's now left for Alaves in a 2.5 million deal, a hefty profit after being signed for 20k. Joel Sanden never really kicked off and after Alaves made a tempting offer I was more than happy to sell. Starlyng Penaranda, not the best player signed but by far the best name. Great personality, and otherwise a well rounded 18 year old. I plan to use him mainly as a striker. Yeiner Carrillo, another Colombian, i know what a surprise. A solid left back, but I plan to retrain him as box to box midfielder. Dorde Milosevic, a prospective Serbian midfielder, only 19 and he should improve by a lot hopefully Camilo Benavides, another colombian, 18 year old and already a La Liga quality centerback. He is staking his claim as one of the 2 CBs this season, but with european action there should be plenty of rotation and he should get fair amount of time. You know him, you love him and now he's our from this day until he is replaced by a better striker. I hope he can atleast breach the 100 goals mark. Alex Coufal, a Czezh midfielder signed as a prospect/flip for profit. I dont ever expect him to become a regular but stranger things have happened. Petr Cihak is the 3rd choice striker. He is Odubeko lite, but with an amazing personality. Personality is something I pay a lot of attention to. Radek Vitak, another Czech player. He will be the back up keeper. This is another guy I am excited about, 18 year old Finnish international. Next Jari Litamenan? Frank Stockholm is a young Danish striker signed a prospect. Ivan Jeremic is a young serbian signed on a free transfer and he is expect to cover for multiple positions, but mainly CB and LB season preview has us 20th again but we all know this is irrelevant. Finally the main event, a relatively easy looking draw in the conference league. How easy will it actually be that remains to be seen. But I hope i can get into the knockout rounds.
  11. Yes, we qualified for the new conference league. Yes indeed, this is the first time this has happened. They won the copa del rey and the cup winners gets preference for UEL, instead of the league position. They are upgrading it to 15000 capacity, which is the minimum capacity required for the league, I am not sure if they expand it any further I never paid attention to this, but i will from next time, but looking at it, it seems that loan players dont count I'll share some bios of players if you want, just let me know which players you are interested in. Mason mount joined barca a few seasons ago for 120 million, alongside his best mate declan rice. I am, i've signed some good players, i'll show the lot later today. Trying to move away from my dependency of loans as I can afford better players and maybe use the lure of Europa conference league.
  12. What an end to the season First season in the top division, turns out to be a massive success. The league position was quite consistent, with steady improvements across the season Valencia won the league, which was a pleasant surprise. The big teams struggled a lot this season and I dont expect that to continue next season. The 2-6 win was unexpected but it was a great performance. That jump between the tv money is bonkers. The team will stay, well at least the midfield and strikers will. The defense will see a bigger shake up. The attack was once again creative and clinical, which paved way for a strong season. The defense was weak but it wasnt Real Madrid weak at least. Tatli was the runner for the player of the year vote and he will be back next season to play on the right wing role. Odubeko had another great season and I hope he can continue that next season when he joins permanently Also stadium expansion yay, kinda pissed our first european season wont be played at our stadium.
  13. The January transfer window has ended and the season is going rather well. 2 points away from the 40 points mark and challenging for europe. I would love a top half finish The results are great, including a 4-1 win over Atletico and a 2-1 win over Barcelona in the cup. Due to the fixture congestion, injuries did stack up a little Jose Luis Aleman joins the club, and he is quite good. He is one of the 3 Colombians joining the club. Camilo Benavides is a young CB, he joins us in the summer and he is quite good for his age and plenty of room to grow into How could I not sign a player called Starlyng, but he is a well rounded player, who will mainly play as a striker for me.
  14. The striker is someone my scout found and is someone I am trying to sign. I accidentally shared the screenshot haha, but I am glad people are able to see a regen of his quality.
  15. I asked the board to upgrade the stadium, they did and its still below the la liga requirements... great decision making by the fellas on the board. Brilliant start, still just aiming for 40 points, but a granada/getafe esque season would be great. Real Madrid the biggest club in Spain and Madrid? oh please next joke, Barca the second biggest club in spain? next joke, this is RCD Carabanchel's world and they just exist in it One might say we are a bit of loan fc, gracias Liverpool for giving 3 of the best 4 performers.
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