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Do I make this change?

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This is one of my first FM saves and I'm using my favourite team QPR. I have but one question, do I make Chair and Attacking midfielder SU which apparently he is more suited to and because I already have a DLP in Johansen, or am I okay to stick with two playmakers. Also just tell me what you think of the formation and any other changes I should make.  I've started this save before a few times using formations similar to this and always struggle to consistently score despite 3 good strikers. So would making Chair and AM help?

Thanks have a nice day and don't get FM'D.

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There is nothing wrong with having 2 playmakers it just depends on what you want. Personally, I prefer to have my playmaker deeper. looking at the tactic, it looks like you just used the default gegenpress preset without making changes however, you need to make changes to suit your team. I'd drop the defensive line by one notch, lower the pressing and take off pass into space. I'll also swap the BWM with the DLP and the FB with the WB

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