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[Suggestion] Dynamic national transfer values


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I would suggest implementing dynamic national transfer values, as to make a "build a league/nation" save more viable. Seeing how youth ratings and prize money (for non-licenced leagues) is already dynamic and based on league reputation (if i understand this correctly).

Why does this matter?

This is my current save:

The year is 2031, you're managing a Swedish club. Your league reputation is now 6th in the world, slightly above that of portugal, and your club has the 2nd highest reputation in the world, you've made 3 consecutive CL finals, your finances are very good (always over 200m £ in the bank, with no transfer debts)


And these are the problems the fixed national transfer values cause:


You have 4 players the game has labeled "World Class" in their position.

They all have a transfer value of less than 7m £, despite all being under 25, on long term contracts (3 years+), and some of them being on very generous contracts (5+m £ p/a)

Last transfer window a world class player (CA estimated at about 175) wanted to leave, but during negotiations no team was willing to even spend 3m on him.

The model citizen young defender you bought from Bayern has cracked the first team, and won the NxGn while somehow scoring in roughly half his games. And plummeted in value while doing so.

Most agents limit the minimum release clause to 7m £, an unreasonably low figure for players bought for far more than that, and of much higher value. You have to offer these players a new contract every 5 months so that no team will approach the player due to him just recently signing a new contract.

Every. single. day. during the transfer windows you have 20+ bids from teams on ALL of your starting players because the teams view it as a bargain, because to them it should only cost about 5m £ for a world class player, teams want to lowball you for your players so hard that the game noticably slows down.

This is extremely unrealistic, and anti-fun. What is the point of improving a league if the rest of the world still treats you like a bargain bin. Would teams be entirely unwilling to spend 20m £ for the heir to Mbappe if he played in a league of similar stature to the portuguese?

(To be clear, i once managed to sell a player for around 70m, but after searching around in the pre-game editor i noticed that the database doesn't have any set transfer values for players of his reputation in this nation, so it must have defaulted to some global setting).

I assume that this problem will not be addressed this development cycle, so I'll wait for a third party real time editor for FM22 that can change the national transfer values in the game before i continue with this save, and any future "nation building" save i will have some work put into the pre-game editing of the nation so that this doesn't happen again.


I can provide a savefile on request.

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  • SI Staff

The low transfer values would be more likely to be fixed by logging a bug, rather than raising a feature request. I appreciate it was a while since this post, but if the issue is still present then a save file would be extremely useful for us investigating it. 

If you raise it here you'll be more likely to get help for this issue. :)

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