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433 3CM

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How I can to improve this tactic?

Idea to use 3 CM in line with current roles. Main problem is weak attacking. When I switched F9 -> AF, more shoots, but I don't like style after this change. Just separate striker which waited to pass and running forward alone



Many thanks in advance

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I personally think the Carrilero role is better used in a one man wing tactic so he can cover that space that the WingBack/Wide Midfielder have alone. I see that your tactic is very balanced but i would change that role to a Central Midfielder in support, so the player can support the middle, the half space and the wing based on his atribbutes and the context of the play more than forcing him to stay wide with the hardcoded PI. With stay wider in Carrilero you will have 3 players wide in the left that searches for that space as i've seen that the IF(A) doesnt cut inside until the ball reaches him or you are planted in your opponent half. 

Most of the time when the striker fails is not because of the role, is because of his support, so ask yourself "Who's going to be my goalscorer?" "From which positions will he find the best chances?" "How can my team take the ball there so he has the right time and space to do his thing?" "How does his role plays around the ones that are around him? Is he getting into crowded spots or is he too disconnected from the rest of the team?

Those questions will help you undestand why your players are acting the way they are. 

And remember that your tactic is only as good as the players attributes and PPM.


Sorry if you don't understand something, English is not my main language. Cheers.

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