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RFAs not fully released on July 1, causing client crash

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There is a well-known bug with online (and maybe it impacts single player too) where there are conditions where expiring RFAs are not released on June 30th. When RFAs are in this limbo state clicking their contract tab causes a client crash. To compensate for this most online leagues will sim to July 2nd instead of July 1st, this causes the AI to get a jump start for offers on UFAs and always puts human GMs at a disadvantage. Please review the below save game (too big to upload to SI) and attempt to click on the contract tab for either of these two players still listed on the reserve list for Anaheim:

Note below in-game date is July 1st 2025 AM and these two players should have expired, clicking on them from the Transactions page, or clicking on their respective Contract information tabs will cause a client crash.

Also if you load this game in Online Mode it will crash entering the morning of July 2nd, we usually have to load it in Offline to advance.


Save game: https://www.dropbox.com/s/teunj0uzaos0t4m/NTHLv4-1 File 5.sav?dl=0

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  • SI Staff

Do you have a save from 29th of June on this, before the contracts should expire ?

Edit: I've fixed the crash itself on the contract panel for the next build as it is down to the contract years left being zero in these cases.

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