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Just wondered if anyone could confirm whether SI are planning on releasing any bug fixes across these platforms? - I'm not sure about Switch and Xbox but I play on iOS daily... or at least used to. There are lots of bugs that have been reported and had no fixes since the game was released. 

Can anyone enlighten me on this?

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I just came to the forum to ask exactly the same question. No timelIine is infuriating and totally unnecessary. Just wilfully dropped by SI.

And I’ve lost count of the times the match doesn’t stop for h/t so you have no proper way of analysing the match  (stats are probably wrong anyway).  The in match tablet is a gimmick lacking information provided in previous iterations.

you won’t get an newer btw. You’re only a customer.

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I've had it confirmed by Sports Interactive that there not going to be any new updates for FM Touch 21 unfortunately. Although these bugs are not game breaking there are hugely frustrating.

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