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Defensive Problems with Asymetric 4-1-2-3

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I have been trying to get this formation to work, but I end up conceding an unholy amount of goals. It has actually given me the worst defensive record in the Bundesliga. I have already switched from a regista to a defensive DLP to provide a bit of defensive support from the midfield and told the RCB to stay wide but it has not really had an impact. Any tips as to how I patch up the leaks at the back? 

Screenshot 2021-04-15 092729.png

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I never use asymmetric formations, but even so, I can immediately see obvious flaws in your system:

1. both flanks have poor/insufficient defensive protection in terms of role selection:

- on the right, you have the most attack-minded WB role (CWB) + on attack duty + roaming paired with a roaming midfield runner (BBM);

- on the left, you have the most defensive FB role left on its own devices, as both his winger and midfielder are played on attack duties

2. your central midfield consists of 2 runner roles, one of which (CM) is on attack duty and the other one (BBM) roaming

3. extremely aggressive defensive TIs (extreme pressing + prevent GKD + counter-press) further compound the above

4. a strange/illogical/difficult-to-understand choice of in-possession TIs (PoD and BME coupled with PfSP)

In short, the tactic is highly unbalanced and incoherent. 

42 minutes ago, BeterPosz said:

Any tips as to how I patch up the leaks at the back?

Given that the setup of roles and duties is the most important part of any tactic, that's the first area you should focus on improving. And keeping in mind the issues I listed above, here are my suggestions to begin with:

- change the LW's duty into support

- change the LFB's duty into support

- change the MCR's role into BWM or carrilero

Like this:

AF    DLFsu


CMat   CAR/BWMsu


FBsu    CDde   CDde            

In terms of instructions:

- remove the prevent GKD

- remove play for set pieces (because it makes no sense in relation to other instructions you are using)

It's quite possible that a couple more tweaks will be needed, but let's start with just these for now.

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