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Game crashing and closing when watching a match


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Since the latest patch I have been having an issue where when playing a match the game begins to get jittery and lagging which leads to the app closing and having to reload the game. This can happen on the 3D and 2D camera. It’s starting to become unplayable. Anyone else have a similar issue? I usually have 3 leagues loaded and at least 3 star in performance  


latest version of football manager

Apple Ipad 9.7inch (2018)

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Hi @Lbsaligh,

Thanks contacting us.

Could you possibly send a screenshot over with your device specs in settings please? Also - is this happening every game or just every now and again? A save here would also be useful, these can be uploaded to the link below.




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I’m having the exact same issue. Have no other problems with other apps but won’t play the match without crashing. As you’ve said, it’s becoming unplayable.

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