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  1. I begin to play yesterday after the winter update for the first time, i start a career with FC Internazionale Milan and i have all the 3d kits during the matches which are wrong and bugged (for example two players of the same team have different colors for the kit's sleeves), not only mine even those of others teams, I don't have any skin or graphics for the 3d kits, so i don't know why after the winter update i have this issue, thank you for the reply.
  2. hi I want to watch it again after scoring goals but there is no play key....I roll back, it does not progress nornally when I press the forward button. Please put the play key as you did before
  3. Recently my game has begun running extremely slowly on match days, it can take 20 minutes to get through a match, and I commentary only and no replays, there is latency from when i hover over a link (such as player name) and it highlighting. Basically it makes the game virtually unplayable. Between match days the game runs fast and fine with no issues or delays. I had not played the game for a week or so and when i came back to it this is when the issues arose, previous to this the game has run perfectly. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it has not worked. I run 14 leagues in 5 nations with a medium database. DxDiag.txt
  4. Since the latest update to version 18.3.2, I got horrible lag and stuttering in the 3D match engine. My machine is a few years old, so I wouldn't consider it 'high end' anymore, but until recently I was able to run everything smoothly. I tried playing on lower graphics quality but it hardly changed anything. My video card is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770. I included the dxdiag and graphics.config... DxDiag Mar18.txt graphics config.log
  5. Hi, Game processing seems goods but match viewing is lagging except with lowest quality. But it's very ugly and pretty unnatural with a pretty powerfull laptop. Here are the settings I have with which it's still lagging. FM2017 worked like a charm. I have no antivirus except Windows Defender. I tried to reinstall Direct X, reinstall game, empty cache, update my drivers... Nothing works. Please help me ! (dxdiag attached) Thanks in advance DxDiag.txt
  6. Assist not given

    Hi, I would like to report an issue when a player clearly has an assist but it´s not counted to him. It´s a second time I have noticed this. I´m attaching a video and few screenshots to you. Thank you for reply and apology if I put this into incorrect subforum.
  7. Hello everyone, I have been consulting for two months now. I do not have sounds / songs from the fans in the games, I would like to know if someone has a solution? thank you already
  8. When the player runs (or when the ball runs quickly) it seems as if it were jumping (it always happens but in those situations it shows very well). Even if the quality of the game goes down to low quality (and runs the game at 60 fps) they keep giving those jumps, it does not go smoothly. I have already deleted the cache, verified the game and uninstall my antivirus (Avast). I have also updated the drivers of my card and checked directx diag and everything is correct. I have also tried: Delete Cache, Delete Preferences, Reverify Cache and delete all skin, kits and face pack. My graphics card is AMD Radeon R9 M265X (Windows 10). After 18.3.1 patch occurs the same issue. The percentage of the GPU indicates 98-99% when the match starts. It also reaches that percentage on the chat screen before the game, which is not fluid when choosing one of the options. When I use the 2d camera everything works fine and the percentage of the GPU indicates 40 o 50%. I hope you can help me. Thanks.
  9. Hi! I have a very peculiar graphic error in a specific field. I play in a league that I have edited completely. Everything works perfectly, but in a particular field I see a tent right next to the goal, both in the real game and in the replays. Does anyone know how I can remove it? Thank you PS: I attach a screenshot of a user who has the same problem on the sideline
  10. I'm not sure if it happens since update 18.3 (and not fixed on 18.3.1) or it happened before, but this is the 3D (all cameras) view: Sometimes some camera shows the field but mostly I see the roof.
  11. Hi - I'm not sure how this happened, but in my Moreirense save, night games at my home stadium turn the pitch color to a yellow/tan. Day games look normal so I'm pretty sure we are not playing on sand. Screenshot below. Any ideas? l
  12. Lack of Attention to detail is bugging me. This guy clearly doesnt have hair. But in the ME he does.
  13. I have a very good computer with an it-7700hq. When I play FM18 it does not run overly fast but only uses around 15% of the processor. Is there anyway to make this faster by making it use more CPU?
  14. Right, so I opened my FM today after like a few weeks and its all updated and stuff and all the players are now Black. so I'm not being racist here but every single one of the regens have become black. Earlier it was just one or two at a time who had the skin colour changes but now its all of them. any help? OH and also something seemed a little off I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but all the nationalities have now disappeared. Something else does seem to be missing from the player profiles but I've not figured it out yet.
  15. Hi, I have a very jumpy/juddery match engine since updating to 18.3. Specs: Ryzen 5 1600, 16GB Ram, R9 290. Windows 10 Other games work fine on Ultra settings. Mine is suffering issues on Medium settings.
  16. The opposition player (and goal scorer) gets injured early in first half and the AI takes him off instead of subbing him. It goes on playing with 9 outfield players. To my further amusement / bemusement i get a "they are man down" team talk option at half time.
  17. Why West Sydney 3d jersey can not always show. 3d number is right
  18. Match crashed

    As you can see in the pic that the players' names are crashed. This is an Olympic 2020 semi-final. And when I try to go back to the home screen and re-enter the match, the "warm up" windows is here and whatever button I pressed is not responding. I can only force quit the game...
  19. I was playing with AS Roma in the year 2023 and had a match with Bayern in the Champions League Round of 16. They went 1-0 up in the 8th minute, then in the 10th minute Corentin Tolisso was injured in a clash with Lorenzo Pellegrini. Tolliso was taken off the pitch, however I saw that Bayern didn't substitute him with another player but played with 10 men, despite having all 3 substitutes. Ten players on the pitch, no red cards. The match report, notice Tolisso being taken off in the 10th minute, all subs made on the 61st, 68th and 74th minute. I would appreciate if someone could tell me what I can do to help further. Thanks!
  20. Today I was completely surprised by this unexpected bug. During my away match I was stunned to see a tent half inside the pitch on the side line. A shame it was closed, I hoped it would open during the match so the players on the pitch could stop by to eat a burger or have a beer. This happened on my first season on the Portuguese second division, on a online game save I'm playing with a friend. He's managing Sporting and I recently moved as manager to his B team. I can say w are now playing in the same club, he's the manager of the first team (first division) while I manage the club's B team (second division).
  21. I have numerous injuries/suspensions to my left back position and needed to dip into my Reserve squad to fill a starting role for my upcoming match. The U20s also had a match that day, so on the Inbox screen that came up, I set that player to Unavailable. The U20 Manger plays him anyway and now I have no left backs...None...Zip... I guess I assumed the Unavailable setting meant.......unavailable? Am I missing something?
  22. Playing against an AI manager that, according to his profile, tends to select a substitute goalkeeper. In the actual match, he's not selected a sub goalkeeper. I Wasn't sure where to post this kind of bug!
  23. Hi Out of nothing I have big lagging-problems during games and also in the info sections - the whole game. I ve already updated the newest nvidia graphic drivers but didnt help much. Cleared caches many times - no change. thx for help DxDiag.txt
  24. Iv noticed the away support keeps going to only grey in colour. If I clear cache and reload the game they go back to the club colours but then after a few games goes back to grey....I'm playing with medium crowd graphics. High crowd graphics brings the team colours back but unable to play at that spec. No issues at all with home crowd colours. Any ideas how to solve this?thanks
  25. Hi, I have noticed recently there have been a lot of ghost goals during my games, I play with only commentary. I just scored a 90th minute winner, the goal is flashing but for some reason the goal doesn't show, it's not disallowed as I have checked the match report, it's like it never happened, really strange and annoying.