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Foreign player limit problem in Turkish League

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Hi everyone,

I don't know maybe here is not a right place for this topic. If so I am so sorry for that but I have a very fun killer problem in my career. I am only enjoying to manage fenerbahce in the game and I really was enjoying until I see this. Maximum foreign limit getting lower and lower in turkish super league and I think this is unrealist. 

I played two season for now. foreign player limit was 14 for first 2 year. But starting of 22/23 season its getting lower to 12. When I see this I said to myself 'oh that's bad but okay'. But when I click to next season, for the 23/24 its going to lower at 5. now I am not sure about to real life rules but I definitely sure its unrealistic. In real life no one can do this in turkish super league. 

Plus, there is another problems in this league. At the screenshots you can also see home-grow players limit. Their age going lower and lower every season too. And its really fun killer situation but I dont know the next seasons real life rules so I cant say aything about that but probably this is an unrealistic problem too. 

Another problem in turkish super league is fixture is so tight. every 2 or 4 day days you are playing a league match. when you play europe cup or second turkish cup, its really going to hard to make squad rotation. maybe its because of coronavirus or something but this sitution should be only for first season of career. 

And thats all. Thank you for reading and sorry about my poor english. 



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