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Duplicated teams in continental club rules


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After a research on the forums and without an answer, I come here with a question. 

I'm intending to revamp the continental club competitions in South America, and the issue I have is that some clubs qualify for two cups when it should always be qualifying for only one (especially, this happens with brazilian clubs). 

Is there an option in advanced rules to prevent that this happens? I can't find it. 

Thanks in advance for the help

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There are two possible reasons for that, so depending on the reason the solution differs.

One reason is that your qualification rules allow for qualification for multiple cups.

Other reason is that your qualification is missing a team which is then added based on reputation and takes the highest rep (probably either Argentine or Brazilian team).

Best one is first check your team counts to make sure number 2 is not the issue. Then you have to check whether you need to change your qualification rules.

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