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Team Development & Transfers


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This may not be a bug but feels like something is wrong within the game so posting here (apologies if this should have been put in the feedback section)

The way that teams develop their squads just seems bizarre. Often buying good players with decent potential for decent sums only to sell them on half a season later for less money than they bought them (most recent example I saw was Inter Milan buying Wijndal for 24.5m in the jan window, he played 18-20 games over the second half of the season and in the summer they are selling him to Arsenal for 18.25m - not unhappy or change in manager for what I can see)

I guess what I am not seeing is teams adopting any sort of plan e.g. buy a left back and then focus on other areas of the pitch in a subsequent window. Its almost as if the algorithm looks to buy players to replace the lowest CA player rather than calculating CA + likely increase & or having some kind of exclude function based on recent purchases (position + squad status)

In addition players getting unhappy and demanding transfers seems a bit over-egged;

  • too many players seem to insist on clubs bringing in someone to help them settle and then get unhappy when no one is. I get that chain of events just not sure its a clause that gets inserted into contracts that often based on transfers clubs make?
  • too many players transfer listed because of not being offered new terms - not that they wouldn't ask necessarily but that clubs (especially big clubs) would accept and list them to receive considerably less than their value
  • too many clubs listing players (rather than a softening on the value they might accept for a player) when they are about 12 months away from a FREE. Some clubs would be okay letting them wind the contract down as the value is in them playing for them while having contracts on the table not to mention them being listed significantly lowers the price clubs pay 

These combined just seem to over-egg the number of moves players make. Totally get relegations mean teams will lose some players (not large amounts as seems to be the norm), changes in management will mean some players move on and form over a season can have the big teams circling (Kante etc) but it just feels off in terms of the frequency of players moving and moving again

Finally top clubs still seem to buy very average players for big sums while letting high potential players leave to domestic rivals (united selling Rashford & Greenwood to Spurs despite finishing above them consistently) - I think 1 was listed in fairness but even if they would have accepted I am not certain either would have accepted the move given Spurs were not even in the major European competitions


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