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Press conference - Staff Popup profile instead of the Player Popup profile


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Question about the possible transfer within the transfer window during the post-match press conference.

When I hover the "i" icon in the right top corner to see the player popup profile, it shows the staff popup profile type of the popup despite the info shows player personal details. As you can see, this player is 19 years old so he is not staff.

It results in this - no staff roles, no attributes. It hapens with both default/custom skins.

1613043473_OndrejRensie_PressConference-3.thumb.png.3a5fcd23dbbcbc17f3c007e1007e3b6a.png  866932976_SimonMadsen_Profile.thumb.png.eafa76ab85f4bea58c83f47b6bf9731f.png


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