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Help with loans?

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Just after some help please guys, just arrived into the January transfer window and four of my star players who I've had on loan at Colchester loans have expired, they've returned to their parent clubs, so I've tried to put an offer in to loan them back for the remainder of the season yet I'm unable to make a loan offer, when I hover over the loan button its says the following:

'Colchester cannot loan players when the loan will finish outside the selling team's transfer window.'

I've tried this on a whole bunch of players and I'm getting the same message on all, so in short why am I not able to loan anyone in January?

Any help would be appreciated!


Screenshot 2021-01-03 at 14.40.43.png

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What season are you in? If it’s 21/22, and you started your save pre hotfix, it could be linked to a bug, that was fixed in the hotfix.

The bug resolves itself in the 22/23 season and all returns to being as expected with loans.

This could well be NOT your issue, but I had a bug from a save pre hotfix that messed with loans. Just a possibility.

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