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Checking out player abilities from profile page to different different roles

Kushal Jain

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I've seen it in the pc version of football manager, that, in the profile page, different roles can be cross checked to their abilities to see how good a fit they are in their profile page, it already exists in the positions page, but I'd suggest that it should be moved to the profile page, as a lot of times the game, just doesn't seem to work in terms of figuring out it's best position and roles and we have to constantly judge it on our own, rather than just applying the different roles onto the abilities and have it easily worked out for us instead.

It won't take a lot of work, as it'll require just moving the positions page role selector to the profile page along side the bar where the player roles are currently displayed, and adding a selection option for us to choose the roles and select where he fits in best. Not a big suggestion, but many fans would agree is very much required in the next FM.

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