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  1. Yep, if you do a "ground-hopping" save, there is no other way if you want to swtich to another league/club. There isn't even much fanfare, no, you somewhat "cheat them" and leave like a coward, no matter what glorious moments you had with them. BTW: Adding fixed contracts could even add some difficulty, since the players wage would be deducted from the budgets of the club. (And no, no "I'll manage Barca for free". A realistic amount that the player can't negotiate (based on club prestige, clubs money, league, player/manager prestige, etc). Heck, did you even know that Simeone ea
  2. Well, this is true aswell. At my current save Bayern uses a RFB of their reserves team because they sold their only real RFB at the start of the season. They could possibly use Mamin Sanyang (semi-good talent), although RFB or RWB is only his "secondary position", but not, they loaned him at the same time. The AI needs two things to be a challenge even in the lategame: 1. A basic depth-check for the squad (eg have 2 RFB and 1 player who can play their in a pinch) (This should go hand in hand with the formation ofc - no reason for 4 strikers, if they don't use more then one in the
  3. Thank you for the reply. Well... let's boild it down to a simple question: Would a player like Ibrahimovic or Buffon even be possible in FMM? And yes, I mean "still good players" of a top team in a top league, nott something like "bench-warmer of a mid-tier league 3 team" Oh, one thing that needs a serious revamp is the national teams. Please make these players fully scoutet and provide some screen, where eg simply choose eg from the 5 best Keepers of that nation and than move on to the next position. ATM it's really strange to manage a national team.
  4. As always, please excuse my english. So, I'm a FM fan for years and due to obligations I'm mostly playing the mobile version for some years now. And some things need to be revamped. Let's talk about this: 1. Older players. This is probably the biggest issue in my eyes (also for the PC version). With some exceptions like WC players like Lewandowski, Messi, Ronaldo and ofc Keepers the AI and or the game the game itself treats older players like... well... ****. The number of players retiring with 32/33 is staggering and the number of players that worsen at a ridicolous rate
  5. Can you please do something about these? I mean, no one knows at first who eg this is: Carlos Henrique José Francisco Venancio Casimiro but everyone knows who Casimiro is. The NewGens in the lategame all have these "full names" which aren't pleasant to read and make it hard to distinguish players at first glance.
  6. Well.... as someone really into market values of players (former mod of transfermarkt.de (transfermarkt.com), etc) I can tell you this: The value of a player is always some sort of neutral ground. But there were several cases IRL where players were sold for MUUUUUCH more or less considerung their market value. Thing is: If the AI doesn't want to sell their player, they don't say "no", they ask like 25x the MV. You can even test this: If you leave for another club as last thing you do: set some some palyer as unsaleable. If you want to buy this player with your next club you'll be s
  7. This is actually a great idea on paper. But the game as it is today would most likely only allow this feature for the players club and not the AI, giving the player another advantage over the AI clubs. Still, I'd like to see that one some day ingame.
  8. Lone CF - I've just tweaked how a Complete Forward behaves slightly when played as a lone forward - QA will be looking at how sane the changes are and if all goes well that will be introduced in the January transfer update update.

  9. I'm calling this one Tea Break because you islandguys love tea. I'm so funny, aren't I? I know, a mobile game has to be fast and instant fun. But I'd die for a mode (maybe optional), where the game takes a break from time to time to do better and deeper calculations. You know, stuff like: finances (even PSG can't spend 200 million Euro/Pound if the didn't reach the ECL, etc), tactics (current formation, desired formation, players need for this), player-status in the club, their morale, their near future, maybe even their personality (shifting), small alterations in the PA and a simil
  10. I sceond this one. Assists are hard to follow in FMM anyway, match-reports, etc.
  11. This would be a great thing. And searching for players that like you as a coach as well.
  12. Yep, the "into the blue" scounting needs some tweaks. Stuff like "I'm looking for aright wingback with good pace" or "some midfielder who is strong with freekicks" should be the MAIN way looking for players and not searching the whole database (vanilla even without hidden attributtes) and then scout the target I already found myself. There should also be an auto-scouting option, e.g. scout promising players withoug a club, etc.
  13. This is a good one, esp if player features like "cuts inside", "strong freekicks", etc. are shown there as well.
  14. This is a really good suggestion and one of the few things that should be easy to transfer from the PC-version to the lite Mobile one.
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