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Sub doesnt work in certain situations, then counts twice


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Ok I'm going to do my best to explain this. Has happened twice now so I think I have it pretty sussed.

  1. During a highlight where a player gets injured, the assistant recommends they get replaced, click "do it"
  2. Before the highlight ends, make another sub using the quick sub (this may or may not be part of it, but I did it both times)
  3. When the highlight ends, the changes are automatically cancelled and it takes you to the tactics screen due to the injured player (this has always happened in FM)
  4. The assistant's recommended sub will be listed as being brought on already, except they're not actually on - the injured player remains on the pitch if you continue
  5. You are able to make the same sub again so that the player is actually replaced, but this then counts as your second sub (despite being the same people involved in the initial "sub"
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