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[Discussion] Ranked football manager online


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This is just for discussion on how realistic my idea is. I know that the dev will not just suddenly put their man power into this idea simply i know the dev have wide variety of limitation (budgets, engine, work force, other more important feature...) so here we go.

The idea

Sometimes, I just want to pair my management skill with other people around the globe. Fantasy draft seems to be the closest thing but it taking too long for me and it seems that unless me and my friends are free, there is no way to match with a person near me to make the match run smoothly.

This is my attempt to work on a ranked football manager online mode or casual vs online mode.


+ Have a large data of matches to see which tactic is overpowered, not punished enough (Ex: Gegenpress vs Direct that can exploit space that gegenpress tactics left open) or which tactics/ roles are underperformance (EX: CAM in FM20, Cactenacio). This help immensely in improving match engine.

+ Competitive players happy? ( i guess... because i want to play online and compete with other players)

+ The next step for football manager?

+ Monetization opportunity ? ( i talk about this in the last part )


+ Create a lot of bugs.

+ Running the server cost money and needing more people to maintain the new mode may be expensive.

+ Take away the time to develop offline mode.


The network

All the processing will all stored on an online database or the players database ( according to how viable which choice is) and the server will match players according to the region they are near to.

The “get squad” procedure (Type 1) (Preferable, ideal one)

·        Step 1: Have a massive pool of players around certain CA on the online database

( Example : 120-140, 90-120,….)

·        Step 2: The manager get a fixed budget to get their players.

·        Step 3: The manager has a batch of 80 players

(the batch of players must have 20 players for each roles)

Example: 20 random gks, 20 random dfs, 20 random mfs, 20 random fws (or more if the dev think the game is optimized well for online)

·        Step 4: the manager pick 22 players from the pool ( unpicked player will get back to the pool waiting to be drawn by other player again)

·        Step 5: save the manager squad on the online database

The match finding procedure

·        Step 1: Put 4 teams that have approximately total CA of their whole team including subs. (Must be according to region or closest)

If possible divide regions accordingly (Example: Europe, Asia, South/North America, Africa)

·        Step 2: Those 4 managers will be put in a league and each manager need to battle other 3 manager.

The priority of match making will be (Total CA -> Ranked points-> Regions)

Tldr: It will be the same as fantasy draft but with match making and only 4 managers in 1 league. The scoring system will be like fantasy draft

The match preparation

·        Step 1:  In this mode each matches will have 7 days for training preparation.

There will be different types of training for each day and the effect of those types of training will be strong. ( This is due to let player choose either to get maximum cohesion/ remove language barrier or get the tactical familiarity or just to have players that can stand  90 minutes on the pitch)

·        Types 1: Tactical familiarity training ( 4 days to max)

·        Types 2: Team cohesion ( 4 days to max)

·        Types 3: Language learning  [3 days to max all players to fluent in English (because it is the most popular and easy to code)]

·        Types 4: Stamina training (7 days to get 1 point apply for all players)


Step 2: After those 7 days, managers will play 3 matches with 1 day rest (normal effect) in between

During the match

The highlight will be hard coded to extensive highlight so that they can adjust accordingly to the match ( the assistant manager of all human managers will be the one that have 10 points across all attribute to make it fair.)


After the result of the league

Players will get money to draft new players base on their result

The 1st person get 8M ( + 5-8 rank points according to opponent )

The 2nd person get 6M (+ 3-5 rank points according to opponent)

The 3rd person get 5M ( + 1-3 rank points according to opponent)

The 4th person get 3M ( - 3-0 rank points according to opponent)

By using the odd system already in the game we can see the differences and give players point according to that. (If your performance the same as the odd you will lose less points but if you defy the odd you will be rewarded more points)


Put those points for player on rank leader board or for match making.


The manager will have the choices to continue to back to the match finding procedure or draft players to replace other players in their team.

Edit : Dev can reward manager for continue using again players by increasing an attribute points by 1 for that 1 attribute that player used most in match after each 12 matches that player played (2 match), but if the PA reached the maximum, the increase will stop.


After 1 week (real life) the server will clear all manager database (players that manager got during the last week) except manager points rank so that the server don’t have to store millions “retired” manager ( this help get rid of manager that “create a squad and only play 1-2 matches and never play again” . All managers have to do the “get squad” procedure again.


The “get squad” procedure (Type 2) (This seems maybe more realistic)


That’s right card packs. The server doesn’t run by itself so monetization isn’t much of a problem as long as the match finding system match teams accordingly.

-         People will have 22 packs with player from low CA (30-60) (1 pack 5 random players)

Card packs can range from bronze (80-100), silver (110-140),  gold  (150-190)

The tricky part is this will force the database to have “duplicate players” as not much players have that ranged of CA.


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