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Save game editor for Championship Manager Italia? / Can't find a player

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Hi all. After the death of Diego Maradona I made a playthrough in Championship Manager Italia with Napoli and brought him back. And I am also looking for a save game editor.

The reason is that I want to bring a player in my team, Krzystof Warzycha. This player was in Foreign Players and an Italian team bought him. In the 2nd season when I had empty positions in the squad I wanted to buy him, but I can't remember which team bought him. So I looked all the squads one by one and I didn't find him. I also looked at the Foreign players again in case that he was sold back abroad but I didn't find him again.

So we have 3 options:
1)If someome can find me a Saved game editor I can find in which team he plays.
2)Maybe there is a hidden option to search a player in CM Italia by his name? (I doubt)
3)Finally, is there any option in CM Italia to check the transfer of the previous season? I didn't find one.

Please don't laugh with this situation but I am a fan of Panathinaikos and I want to sign him desperately. That's all.
ps. There is a small chance that if he was transfer listed he would retire but since he was 29 years in the first season even if he was traansfer listed I have my concerns that he would retire in this age.
Thank you.

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