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Work permit being incorrectly refused

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So in January 2022 had the following message about a work permit being rejected for a player

image.png.670b8e0fc1b1281d9e58d52add110457.pngSo in




I think this is a bug because:

- prior to the work permit being rejected, the player had the "settled" tag, which I understood to mean he was considered non-Foreign and wouldn't require a Work Permit until 1 January 2024. Now he has had the WP rejected, the "Set" tag has gone.

- the reasons for rejection include insufficient transfer fee and wages. This isn't correct for the FM21 post-Brext work permit rules, is it? Fee and wages are not criteria for the new points based system

- the text of the reason is wrong/doesn't make sense - "Submitting this offer with a wage of N/A or above would earn him enough points"

I have uploaded a save game with the name "Alessandro Denvir - Middlesbrough.fm" which is saved on the day before the WP is rejected.

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Hi. I just had this same problem... it gave me the exact same message ("Submitting this offer with a wage of N/A or above would earn him enough points") and it eventually allowed me to sign and register him anyway (I THINK). So was that message just a glitch and he DID in fact qualify for a work permit? I just want to know before I go on with the save that it's not going to set me back in the future. I can upload the save file if you need.


Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 8.57.16 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 8.57.25 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 8.58.07 PM.png

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