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Trying to get Hamza (Gambian midfielder) on a free transfer, and I am not able to offer less than $12.5k p/w to him. I would like to sign him as a non-Designated Player.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or just some MLS rule that I am not aware of. This happens regardless of the playing time promised: Important player -> can't offer less than 12.5k, Regular Starter -> can't offer less than 12.5k.

Also, side note: Under Finances -> Salary -> Summary, it shows that the MLS itself is covering $6287 p/w of my team's salary. Is there a way to see for which player(s) they are covering? 

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the save (Feb 22nd) - the save is called 'last save overwrite backup.fm'
  2. Advance to Feb 23rd
  3. Approach to sign Hamza



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MLS has a minimum salary requirement, which I believe stands at ~90k/a for all senior players (that amount goes up yearly, I'm in 2022 and the minimum salary is $95k p/a). You can offer a reserve contract to the player, and I think that number is around 75k/a. Either way, I'm not sure why you wouldn't be able to offer less than ~650k p/a. 

If the player has a high enough profile, the league will sometimes cover all or some of the cost of a designated player's salary. I haven't found a way to find out who those players are, but I would guess it would be one of your DPs.

I know this isn't super helpful, but I thought a little context could be helpful. Hope you're able to sign Hamza and he balls out for you!

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  • SI Staff
10 hours ago, CharlesOs said:

Thanks for the info, that's super helpful! I'll check out the other forum. I grabbed Hamza just in time to fill in for an injured Mukhtar, albeit for a hefty price.

Could you please upload your save file where you are trying to sign Hamza and we will look into this to see if there's any issue here, instructions on how to do so have been attached below. Thanks.



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