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  1. Do you have a save just before an example of this occurring? If so, could you please provide it using the link below. Thanks!
  2. @TheMattB81 Thanks, this has been logged and is under review.
  3. Thanks for raising this. This forum is just for league rules, schedule issues and anything to do with it not functioning correctly. As this is an issue which concerns B team gameplay, please log it in the forum attached below. Thanks again! https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/828-all-other-gameplay/
  4. Yes, if the team is successful in a non-playable league then they will get promoted once again. The better the team is, the greater their chances of getting promoted into a playable league.
  5. Thank you, could you please post this issue in the forum attached below as this is not something to do with the competition itself but seems to be more to do with the Club Vision. Thank you very much! https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/828-all-other-gameplay/
  6. Thanks, we didn't manage to reproduce this internally from your save file on the 28th but we were able to see it was already present in the save file on the 4th. We will keep an eye out for this in case it does reproduce. Thank you very much.
  7. This is something which should be posted in the Editor forum attached below as this seems to be an issue with the Editor rather than the league itself. https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/830-pre-game-and-in-game-editor/
  8. This remains with our team and is under review. Thank you very much! MacArthur shouldn't have a youth team as part of the National Youth League. The teams that are part of this competition are specific teams and MacArthur are not one of those teams. Was that save file in which they were part of the league created on an early version of the game?
  9. Thanks for raising this, we are aware of an issue regarding too few player trades and are looking into it. Thank you very much.
  10. Thanks for raising this. Could you please post this in the thread attached below as this is an issue to do with club vision? This forum is only for issues with the leagues themselves and any rules associated with the league. https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/828-all-other-gameplay/
  11. It's an issue we're aware of and we are currently looking into, thank you!
  12. This sounds like it may have been caused by some sort of custom editor files. If you upload it to our SI Cloud Server using the instructions below, we'll take a look at it but this sounds like it would have been caused by a custom editor file.
  13. Is the senior national team currently involved in any international competition?
  14. When this was implemented in game, there was little information available about it so we had to make our best estimations. Do you have a link to the new prize money being listed? It can be changed in the Pre Game Editor but it would require you to start a new save file.
  15. @KeegBCFC For each of the issues you have raised, could we please request a save file uploaded to the SI Cloud Server with steps to reproduce so that we can reproduce it internally? This would be greatly helpful in looking into these issues. Thank you very much.
  16. Thanks for raising this, do you have a new example of this? This currently is with our team and under review. Could you please upload it to the SI Cloud Server using the instructions below please? Additional examples are always useful. Thanks!
  17. We have attempted to reproduce this but have not managed to replicate this type of situation, could you please upload your save files just before the players are signed and just before they are waived using the instructions attached in the link below? Thank you very much.
  18. Thanks, this is now with our team and under review. These sliders work correctly after the international transfer window is open in the middle of February, but we will look into why it is not possible to adjust this earlier.
  19. Could you upload a save file to the SI Cloud Server in that case as you should be able to add all four divisions of the Spanish league after the first season in game. Thanks
  20. Thanks, I've closed down that thread and copied the information into here as it will be dealt with here. In addition to uploading the save file, could you please let us know what the save file is named so that we can locate it in our SI Cloud Server? Thanks!
  21. Thanks for bringing this up, if you upload your save file using the instructions below, we'll take a look into this. Thanks.
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