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Loan players playing in wrong position--managers complain

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When you loan a player that is not used in the role his manager expect him to play, he complains every, and I mean every week. Its abit excessive when you are a club dependent on loan players, it gets so tedious clicking on the same response the same on 7-10 players every week.

Its probably not a bug per-se but when its this excessive it gotta be treated like one. It sure its not tested, cause that tester would have gone mental. This just gotta go please

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  • SI Staff

Hi @Dissepointed

I don't think they should be coming to you every week about this, unless you're just ignoring their concerns? Have you got a save from just before he starts messaging you? If so can you upload it to the cloud and I'll take a look? Details on how to provide saves below



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