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[Suggestion] Manager Man avatar creation feature requests


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I use a 2560x1440p monitor, and as a result it can be hard to precisely click the points for Generating Model from Face, as below. It would be useful to be able to increase the size of the face box rather than have so much empty space above and below.

edit to add a few more suggestions:
- It would be nice to combine facial hair styles, e.g. soul patch/moustache/horseshoe and sideburns
- In previous FM versions it was possible to change between eyes generated from the photo, and regular eyes from the game's default models.
- Options to change eyebrows would be nice, as when generating a model from a photo the eyebrows have a tendency to be lost
- You can no longer edit the face parameters if you're using a model generated from photo - it would be nice for this to be added back as I often want to make tweaks to the model.



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