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My 3 suggestions (Search and Tactics)


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Hi guys, great job on the game. Been playing since CM2 days (that blackburn team!!!)


Just a few suggestions i think would speed up the game a bit


1. Whilst looking at staff on search, a little window pops up as you hover over the potential interviewee, comparing to your top 3 staff with similar attributes (bit of comparing) and also in the corner of that box number of free positions available in the staff position (easier when building new backroom staff)


2. On the search box as your are editing what attributes you want, can you get the game to stop searching in the background everytime you adjust a stat (the search filter in the box, not the one above the player names). Just makes it easier for people on slower machines


3.  On the tactics screen, have a little icon of your main set piece and corner kick takers. It reminds you when you got something wrong


Hope these ideas are simple and useful for you guys to implement


All the best SI


P.S.  How do you get into alpha testing your game? I always find little niggling errors....alot less this time though

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