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Football Manager 2020 Hotfix 20.4.2 Out Now

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We've released a hotfix for Football Manager 2020 update 20.4.2 to address some of the issues mentioned in the changelist below. This hotfix will be downloaded automatically across both Epic and Steam. If you have any issues updating we'd suggest restarting Steam or the Epic Launcher.

20.4.2 Hotfix Changelist
- Addressed issues related to save games seemingly not appearing (if 'load last game' is blank they can be found via the Load Game option on the main menu)
- Number of fixes related to network games allowing users to connect via lobby (users must use entire server name to find specific servers) and invites across Steam and Epic 
- Fixed issue related to In-Game Editor not appearing for some Mac users on Steam and some PC users on Epic
- Fixed rare issue where launching FM through Steam could open the Epic Launcher

We'd like to take this opportunity to apologise to players who experienced problems following yesterday's update. With FM20 now being available across both Epic and Steam it gave us a fantastic opportunity to bring players across both platforms together in online game modes.  

Unfortunately, it caused some unexpected problems which only became apparent to us when so many of you logged on to play the game simultaneously. We believe we've now been able to address the issues noted above with this hotfix and hope you can all get back to winning ways with your FM careers. Well not all of you in network games, as you can't all win the league. But you get the idea. 

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