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Gemini Skins [FM15-20]


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in a shameless plug all my old skins how now been updated and brought inline with the style i settled on for Gemini '20.   

So ive released them all on my wordpress page.  Bear in mind these were made on 1600*900 resolution intitally so may have some teething problems, dont have time to fully play test them all in the revamp to 1980*1020.



iN ORDER LEFT - RIGHT  ->  15 - 16 - 17

FM15.thumb.png.52cc904ddf784ea3c07f09919a536d28.png FM16.thumb.png.fcd7e6090b53096d7733072e74ff60d0.png FM17.thumb.png.545ccd9c593bab5dab2c408d223b3c2b.png


iN ORDER LEFT - RIGHT  ->  18 - 19 - 20

FM18.thumb.png.c4cd0d456f3d9fe5d9b1ef3ef2da14f2.png FM19.thumb.png.fe3f17f1b20838db6bc6c04e75d25e0e.png FM20.thumb.png.b6bf74088576cd9a973e93d05df836a9.png



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